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History Of Steel Pan In Guyana

"Steel pan has come a long way in Guyana. It has been in the country since in the 1950’s. Because of challenges such as cost and maintenance, the steel pan music was on a break for a while. However, in 2008, things were put in place for the reintroduction of the steel pan. Later, competitions were formed by the help of the Republic Bank and certain learning programmes were put in place to teach persons how to play the steel pan. Band instruments and music teachers were placed in various schools and now Guyana has a booming variety of students playing and wanting to play the steel pan. You can also find the steel pan being played at various restaurants and hotels by pannists in Guyana. Yes, the steel pan has come a long way but it is now available and whoever desires to learn this beautiful instrument are able to do so."

[It must be noted here that the FIRST STEELBAND to ever leave the shores of TRINIDAD and play in a foreign country was RED ARMY -- which played in GEORGETOWN as early as 1947!!!]


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Well written and said Claude ,i was a Teacher and had resigned because of injustice meted out to my former students  i do hope that those who  were involved with this negativity read my comment ,, at least i aint lie ,

Jerome: You should let BYGONES BE BYGONES and try to get back in THE LOCAL SYSTEM. I think that GUYANA is positioned to become a WORLD LEADER in STEELDRUM MUSIC if they have THE RIGHT VISION.

(And, of course, if they get past THIS NEXT ELECTION!!!)

Take my advice, man: Try to get back in the game on SOME LEVEL!!!



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