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As a young pannist/musician/artist having an organization that looks out for the needs of the PLAYERS within the {TNT} steelpan community and movement (and by extension Regional and International) is very important in my opinion. It has been my observation over the last few years after being around and experiencing varying situations that there is very little geared towards ensuring the Fair treatment of each player as an Individual and not just as a member of a Band and or Orchestra. Which lead to this thought: why isn't there some sort of Union organization to adhere to such? 


I would like to hear peoples' thoughts on this Topic.... 


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Sat-Nam(I Salute The Truth In You).Mr Patrick Arnold, recent recipient of The Chaconia Medal/Former President of PanTrinbago, Pan Player/Leader(Our Boys,Tobago/Louis Arnold SteelDrummers,California,US)/Pan-Maker/Tuner/Entrepreneur.. Locally and Internationally...*Has,for several years now,been actively working on formalizing a "Pan Union" in T+T.This was discussed in depth with Parry's Pan School,of which I am External Relations Officer!*Now is the Time for Concretization of such a Body.*Our PAN HEADQUARTERS in Tacarigua,Must be Speedily..FULLY Constructed,so there can be a Central,Inspirational Focus on Pan-Family Uplift!*An Independent,Conscientious,well-run PAN UNION,will Certainly be Welcome..And Enthusiastically Supported/Patronized! *Renting an Office in the Headquarters would be a sensible,supportive move on the Union's part! One Love! ASE!
This go on too too long,,all suggestions and statements mentioned before and to date,in this forum, is the  the truth and in the interest of all that have sacrificed  their entire lives,their time,family ,,name it , this was  was made for the upliftment,,positive recognition and respect for the steelpan and all those involved in it,s existence,,as a steelpan tuner,,trainer,arranger from another country ,,i will always support my brothers and sisters young ,,old,,of a different race,religion,creed,,culture or ethnical background where the steelpan is concerned, the idea put forward is tangible,,,

sigh, this would not happen under the eyes on PanTrinBago in my opinion..


wasn't something so already tried to be formed before? The Pan Players Association? (someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)

My Colleagues, it is clear to me that a great majority of  us (Pannists, Pan Builder/ Tuners and Arrangers), do not really place any value on ourselves. We have allowed ourselves to become totally dependent on politicians or some controlled political organization to fulfill our needs. Thus we become their SLAVES. Also, some of us have allowed ourselves to place our main focus on winning every Steelband Competition and by whatever and any means necessary  . This indeed has resulted in the disrespect, lack of concern and disunity amongst us. Some in authority recognize our weaknesses and the divisions amongst us, and utilize this to keep us further apart. My colleagues, we must remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Nobody can make that step for us. We must do it for ourselves. We must not forget that although the qualities of leadership are essential in the leader of a delegation, it is the purpose and not the person that is of paramount importance in the whole event. Only when we begin to truly value ourselves and learn that we are endow with the power to effect positive changes for the upliftment and advancement (socially and economically) of the Pan Fraternity, will the stigma of feeling inferior to others and can't do for self, cease . CULTURE TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER THE MARTIAL.Pan is culture. Awake my colleagues. Let us collectively utilize the challenges we face, to create new opportunities for all.


I  am going state something which is of importance and a fact,,,those that are  placed to oversee the  operation of the different group of bands, ,,,whenever the end of the month reaches they do collect their salary,,,regardless of whether they have done something for the steelpan or not,,,they collect their salary,,,let it be known,, is there anyone out there connected to the steelpans/bands that recieve a salary  from Pantrinbago,,,arrangers,,,tuners,,players  i don,t think so,,,,,,take an example of the last celebrations in Montreal,,one of the bands needed financial support so that they could have pricipated ,,they recieved nothing,,,,had there been a Steelband Union they would have been present for that celebration,by hook or crook..i know for a fact that my comments would hurt a few individuals ,,but i believe in the truth,,i,ve seen this happened before,,<ah gettin meh monie when mont  end meet ,NOBODY CARES,,,IT,S ONLY  PLAYERS,,,ARRANGERS  AND TUNERS  ACCOMPANIED  WITH   IT,S   SUPPORTERS  CAN  TRY  TO  MAKE  A  CHANGE.being under the said influence for so long with nothing poitive probably being achieved?/ what,s next,,being stagnant or trying to move on,,if ever all the statements mentioned here by everyone happens to be a lie,,there should been confrontation by the relevant authorities to correct same,,to date i haven,t seen any,and i,m quite certain that this forum is read ?????

Words of wisdom Sid.


I hear what you're saying, Sid, but as long as pan is considered as aspect of culture, there will be government involvement.

Throughout the world, governments invest in culture, so it is not too much to expect the same from the government of T&T.

Pan people should avoid partisan politics, but I still say that their numbers can give them bargaining power with government, regardless to what political party or government.

However, in general I do agree with you. There is much that the steelbands can and should to improve their situation.

I really like an appreciate everyone's incite. I know i'm not alone in my views and i am certain others have some of the same issues and more of which we're discussing here. I'm hoping that we can all one day get all this information together with our voices and make some proposals. I may seem naive but I'll give up when I die. I believe in Fair treatment and play despite personal opinions and just when you think you're alone with your views you'd be extremely surprised at how many people agree and share the same. We should all be each others motivation and support. Obviously, we can't get through to the organization without going through a plethora of channels but for persistence sake how or where would we / (I) start?


Sidd  * If your ideas are put to work, they can sprout and grow into a large tree.  How do we separate the musicians from the governing bodies?  It seems as though PanTrinbago and the government could not organize a two-car funeral.  People have to stop looking to the government for help.  Look at the mess all the countries are in today.  How do we get everyone to look at your ideas and start working toward a common goal?  The first step in this process, is a change in attitudes.  Attitudinal disabilities will be the fly in the ointment.  Can you present your plans to everyone and ask for feed back?  Remove it from this loop and put in on a page by itself in everyone's face and see how far it will go.  We have to start somewhere to turn the tide in our favour.

Very good Cindy! I am glad someone finally cut through the chase and want to make a start.  I know that everyone of us have different situations and circumstances.  What would you guys/gals think of putting together a gathering of Pan People for a roundtable discussion.  Real grassroots gathering where evryone has an opportunity to give some input.  We can push it out a bit so that peolple can plan their vacations and such around it.  We could have it on one of the US Long holiday weekends.  Say Memorial weekend next May 2012 in Miami, which will be kind of central.  And please let us not bicker over the venue.  I will be travelling further than most of you, so Miami would be of no benefit to me. We can rent a no so fancy place, bring in some food and drink and just exchange ideas. NO POLITICIANS, GOVERMENT OFFICIAL JUST PAN PEOPLE.  If you pan people are game, WE CAN DO THIS!

I love the initiatives.... Lets think wise and in the best interest of our Culture, Fellow Musicians and ourselves. 


"We are our own worst enemies! When we stop fighting amongst ourselves we can learn to co-exist with each other."


If nothing serious comes my way between now and then, I will do all that is within my power to get there.  Sidd has a great title "Pan Supporters."  Have a great day.  Thank you. ***Cindy**


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