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Steelband Players have a GRAND OPPORTUNITY to show their political power right at this moment ...

If Pan Players could unite and threaten to put down their PAN STICKS for this PANORAMA, I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE that Dolly and the NCC will cave in and acquiesce to their demands. Because (as I have said many times before: Dolly needs a "successful carnival" more than anybody else) with the TOURIST NUMBERS tanking, think of what a "NO PANORAMA THREAT" will do to the CARNIVAL NUMBERS.

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It will never happen. The "BIG FIVE" sponsors will not let them!

The BIG5 should assume a leadership role and put on a road show.

Well ah see Duvone Stewart considering his options -- since he has not yet been paid for PANORAMA 2018.

I know that he will not follow through, but imagine if he get RENEGADE enough and start moving in that direction and develop ah following and everybody decide to boycott PANORAMA 2019.

Ah sure that GYPSY and DOLLY and ROWLEY will capitulate in a minute!!!

PANORAMA PLAYERS have so much power, but their political immaturity and gimme gimme mentality have them frozen in terms of standing up for their OWN BENEFIT!!!

To paraphrase a Sparrow tune:  "No Money, No Pan"!


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