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“Selfishness, greed, and maliciousness”.

The New Day

Those were the words used by the Grenada Steelbands Association (GSA) in launching a broadside against a rival faction that has moved to unseat the incumbent President, Jason Skeete.

The GSA sent a stinging letter to Culture Minister, Senator Nolan Cox in which it described the breakaway faction as engaging in unethical, unprofessional, deceitful, and immoral acts against the steelband body.

An attempt was made last year to unseat Skeete in a vote of no-confidence brought by several members of the large bands in the country like Republic Bank Angel Harps, and Commancheros.

Skeete is known to get support from a majority of the small bands and one of the large bands – New Dimensions.

The letter, dated March 1, warned the senior government minister that there would be serious repercussions if any official recognition is given to members of the breakaway

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