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The New Visionaries Pan Foundation has in its possession a list of Two Hundred Plus Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands which have become defunct for various reasons. These steelbands existed as far back as the early 1940’s. This list was compiled by one of our Directors Keith Simpson, and it was commissioned by The Arch Bishop of Pan, Dr. Pat Bishop before she passed. May her soul rest in peace.
Some of our defunct steelbands named here are: Atomic of Arima, Black Swan of San Juan, Boom Town of Tacarigua, Concrete Yard of Curepe, Empresarios Scarborough of Tobago, Lucky Jordan of Tobago, just to name a few.
Given the worldwide spread of our Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are true Pan Aficionados, and who were affiliated with these steelbands and the Pan movement of that era, the Foundation thought it prudent to present and post for discussion on WST forum, "Steelbands which have passed" from as far back as the 1940’s. It might be necessary to name the location of the panyards, as duplication of steelband names are very possible. What do you say Pan people?

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Also Melody Makers from Coffee St San F'do opposite Karamath Roti shop.

Well, I've noticed that we seem to have forgotten about Zone Stars; Savoys; Dem Fortunates; Metronomes; Kintups; West Side Symphony; Third World; Jewel 22; Sputnik; Tripoli; Stereophonics; Dixie Harps; Wonderland; to name a few until I jog my memory for some more.

I add only one red army from queen st pos

TRIPOLI IS still alive  Ypsilanti, Michigan USA.

Symphonettes and Del Vikings form St James.

Also....DEM BOYS,,,,form  Belmont.. Norfolk rd.

Dont forget Stromboli from Belmont Vallet Road near where the Rose Bowl used to be. Rising Sun was also close by.

Dem Boys came out of Lockhart Lane in Belmont in Mr. Ewing's backyard

There was a very small steelband from Bushe Street, Petit Bourg in San Juan  called Sundown Fascinators. Keith Diaz should remember this one.

I remember a band from Harris St between Bushe and Irving Sts. in Petit Bourg called Silhouettes

Keith Diaz aint want to remember them, no Money,

As mentioned yesterday more will come to mind as I occasionally think about this. Here are a few more. In the Carenage area you had Birdland next to Palm Beach club and  Starnicks led by "Lark" Schruller tuner and arranger now plying his trade in Tortola and in St. James you had Pandimonics led by Robert Taylor and then St. James United, also Blue Stars which became Power Stars, Hellsapoppin(the great Cobo Jack was there for a while also with Green Eyes and as we all know Invaders) I would think that people would have mentioned Crossroads and Crossfire. Do Belmont people remember Step Yard? Silver Harps from Cedros.

Claude meh head huttin meh now!! lol


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