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The New Visionaries Pan Foundation has in its possession a list of Two Hundred Plus Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands which have become defunct for various reasons. These steelbands existed as far back as the early 1940’s. This list was compiled by one of our Directors Keith Simpson, and it was commissioned by The Arch Bishop of Pan, Dr. Pat Bishop before she passed. May her soul rest in peace.
Some of our defunct steelbands named here are: Atomic of Arima, Black Swan of San Juan, Boom Town of Tacarigua, Concrete Yard of Curepe, Empresarios Scarborough of Tobago, Lucky Jordan of Tobago, just to name a few.
Given the worldwide spread of our Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are true Pan Aficionados, and who were affiliated with these steelbands and the Pan movement of that era, the Foundation thought it prudent to present and post for discussion on WST forum, "Steelbands which have passed" from as far back as the 1940’s. It might be necessary to name the location of the panyards, as duplication of steelband names are very possible. What do you say Pan people?

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Winston Ghany, South Stars have already been Added on the Updated List, http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/updated-list-of-passed-...

Thanks, Bro. Bede. Did you have on your list: OLMPIANS....In 1977 the only South band to qualify

In the finals..and placed 4th.We played JAWS by KITCH..arranged by Bobby Lennox Mohammed.

Winston Ghany, I thought that Olmpians ran 5th in the Finals and Power Stars ran 4th? I did see that they beat out Fonclaire to make the Finals, Bobby Mohammed show them ah thing or two, lol 

New addition, Klondykes from Barataria.


Which Cordettes are you talking about Cecil?


Bugs I'm not sure where they were from, either central or south. At one time it was said they had the best instruments in the land.

Cecil,Cordettes is from Sangre Grande and they are very much alive.

oswald, I remember them from music festival back in the day, they always had good pan.

New addition, Steel Stylers

New additions, Kentukians, Central Cassanova, Tropicana, Valentino, Small Town, Stardust, French Meritones, Midlanders, Esso Stars, Southern Marines, Golden Harps, Cross Winds, Skylarks, Merry Star Metronomes, Prodigal Phiharmonics, Modern Sunland, Imperial Tulips, Vibratones, Moonlight Sonata, Southern Melotones, Esso Wonderharps,   


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