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Steelpan featured on latest Taylor Swift album includes performances by Toronto music students

Global News - The students used many instruments including a harp, steel pan and a xylophone to compose the track. They played the soft, aquatic tune at a media event, where the young musicians sang, tapped on the steel pan and shook a maraca in harmony.

Nikita, 17, who played the steel pan on the track, said she hopes other artists will sample their songs so the school can get more funding.

“There’s no other day better than this… after all of this hard work and effort that we put through, it’s nice to have someone else take appreciation to it, and say (we) did a good job,” she said.

Read more and see video

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Wow, so excited to hear this interview.  Global exposure for sure.

Brenda  H.

TO The 6IX, reppin for pan, when we can, on the Global Stage, nice!!!

So when we go take WE PAN and make WE OWN HIT?


Take that E-PAN and make some NICE MUSIC NAH, SALMON CUPID!!!


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