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Over the weekend I saw a tenor/soprano pan without the skirt and it sounded excellent, I was also told that the same technology could be applied to all pans, my question is why the powers that be in the Mecca don't get behind the inventor and market his invention? he also has a light weight collapsible stand.  

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Where did you see it?  I know you know your stuff, but are you sure it wasn't a handpan???  I remember seeing one like that  in T&T back in the 80's, but that one did not sound that good.  The pitch and sound was way off...  Maybe they've improve the lot since...  Did you take any audio-video???

WOW! I also the instrument, and the collapsible stand.  Sweet sound. .'Lady in Red' .my favorite tune.

Cecil: That is the BEST BEST (BESTEST) NEWS I heard in my life about PAN. I was dreaming about it but I never thought I would see the day. Yuh better go back and find that pan and bring a video for the forum to see and hear.

In the words of a famous lady: For the first time in my adult lifetime I am really proud of the steelband.

Jimi Phillip, circa 1985.

My friend Jimi Philip has been experimenting with this concept for years. I was fortunate to see his son play one in Montreal a number of years ago, it was fantastic.We all have Jimi to thank for this, I believe he started this somewhere in the mid 80's. Way to go Jimi .....

Will love to hear what Dr Copeland has to say about this pan.

I don't know about building, tuning or sound but what I heard from this pan is as good as any other, if people are saying this pan is from the 80s I guess the inventor had some time to perfect his product. $30+ million was spent to develop the Gpan and I don't see bands rushing to buy them, maybe it's time to look at this product and see if we can make a dollar from it before some foreigner start selling it.

Thank you A L Nunes for shedding some light on Jimi Phillip and his pan,  I can't understand why his technology was not perfected and sold. 

Better than the tones I heard in the 1980's...   Nice innovation... Wonder if he ever sought assistance to protect his IP rights and promote the innovation...  We need to hear from Jimi phillip himself, ent...

@2:42  Baron's De Jammer/Greatest Pan Man


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