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Over the weekend I saw a tenor/soprano pan without the skirt and it sounded excellent, I was also told that the same technology could be applied to all pans, my question is why the powers that be in the Mecca don't get behind the inventor and market his invention? he also has a light weight collapsible stand.  

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Andre he was online about 10mins. ago and I ask him to comment. This is 2016 all pan products should be procted, this is a area where Pan Trinbago should be assisting inventors, if we are not sharp we'll continue to loose out.

Agreed, but that's easier said than done and some say wishful thinking...  Still want to know what he did...

This is the first set of Porta Pans that was made in 1987. The soprano pan was the first Porta pan made. I am still playing the said soprano Pan as it was from that time which is in the other videos posted by odw. I don't know what Andre-Roget Dellevi saw and heard in the 80's that he said, " that one did not sound that good, and the pitch was way off '. Then, how could it play with other instruments ?. I don't think that a professional Pan tuner using a strobe tuner as a guide, will tune a Pan that is out of pitch, and not sound good,and send it out to play with other instruments. I am glad that odw posted those videos so the pan can be seen and heard before making comments.

This was an idea which had to be developed, it's not an easy task making these instruments.. I must say that it was a pleasure meeting Cecil Hinkson a few days ago, I was so surprised. I really enjoyed talking with him, he was very encouraging and positive. I hope to talk with him again. and to odw, thank you for posting the videos. I was going to do that too but was not ready, To Andre, check out the Pan in 1988.


Jimi, the Porta Pans demo did not work, I would have love to hear the bass and other pans. What I cannot understand is why they don't promote your work in T&T? what you are doing chaanges to whole picture as to how we make pans, I'm sure that as we speak some foreigner is trying to perfect what you started. Keep up the work Bro. you have proven IT CAN BE DONE.

Claude, go to my facebook page and check it out on my videos.  Demonstration of Porta Pans.

Let me know if you got it. And thanks again.

Cecil, go to my facebook page and check Demonstration of Porta Pans

I see that PAN decades ago. I thought allyuh was talking about some recent innovation. Like news slow to reach Canada or what?

So the Porta Pan has been around for 30 years, how much money did the invest in it's research and development? They've spent over $30 million to develop the Gpan  and I don't see bands rushing to get them. Regardless of what is said about Jimi Philip invention he has taken pan building in a different direction with some degree of success maybe it's time we invest in  what he has, who knows what we could end up with.


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