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Pan People really need to stop blaming Pan Trinbago Executive. They didn't just appear in those positions says Jeston Lett.

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I agree with you 'Pan Times'.

Jeston you seem to be raising the question of - what did we know and when did we know it?

Yes, everyone knew that Pan Trinbago was a gangsta paradise. And yes we knew that Pan Trinbago's structure was riddled with conflict of interest. And yes we knew that the Greens besides being extremely disrespectful to performing pan people was big money only for Dias and his posse.  And yes Boogsie told us something was seriously wrong in his song "do something for pan".

But you see, Diaz is threatening to go global now. That's not going to work. Local gangsta is one thing. Global gangsta? Time for a shake up. Time for Trinidad and Tobago Pan to move to new level. A Different Me. 

Those pan leaders from the other countries who signed up with Diaz should run or face sharing a jail cell with Diaz. What exactly were they thinking?

Going forward your point is very well taken Jeston. Can we really expect change?


So, because we voted for someone in a position we should not complain when he/ or she do wrong. When the party you vote for on election day messed up don't you complain?

No mr. Clarke. There lies the problem, complaining doesnt get them out of office. Read the post again, all im saying is We as Pan people need to take stock of ourselves. Just like We the people need to when the government we vote in is not doing what they must. As President Obama said, Stop Complaining. VOTE!

 so how come he has been voted in so many years

 complacency or voter rigging

 same ole

 change the guards and the same   will happen

 its a trini ting

 whats in it for we

The 2 vote per band is what kept them in, a small band should not have the same vote as a large bands, all the large bands should have enough votes to choose who is going to run the organization.

Cecil why are you giving our boy Merrytones a concussion this morning?

That's a no-brainer. One would think that the bands with more members would have more say or voting power. There is the first major source of problems.


Bugs..ah done tell allyuh dat all this rigmarole is a lover's quarrel...a marriage gone sour...Diaz wanted to get rid of Serrette and has succeeded...now Serrette in turn want to get rid of Diaz...for getting rid of him...make any sense?...

Now yuh callin' up my name in allyuh kankatang...steups man...If BIG BANDS have 20 votes is now self is confusion...and you know dat too...

Merrytones -- What ah ting... This lovers quarrel live on social media...

By the way it was Cecil who mentioned "small band" totally unnecessarily to make his point. I was just showing off by calling your name to show I have small band connections. Don't worry before the day up - the next episode in lovers quarrel sure to give Cecil ah major concussion.


You playing two-tongue...go ahead see if Cecil ent end up giving you a same concussion...lol...

merrytonestothebone: Just for the record, eh!!! When ah was pushing yuh to give the 411 and the skinny and the inside scoop on the forum I was just joking with yuh eh. Because ah did already contact Julian Assange and received my DATA DUMP -- FYI.

When dat Culture Minister first get appointed bugs say that she does read the forum. And she still didn't know what was going on still? But Serrette was plenty smarter than Beverly and Keith. Ah always wondered why they did not steal or make copies of internal documents before they resigned and went public with empty hands. Ah always thought that Beverly was too ambitious and greedy to become President of Pan Trinbago so she tripped over herself in the process trying to snatch power from a desperate badjohn in Trinidad with his hand in a pot of gold. Losing hand for her!!!

But Serrette make copies of everything and he come out to wage bellum in the public's eye. Politically I like his media-savvy style.

Yeah!!! He just find out about the skulduggery going on in Pan Trinbago ... if that is true then I never make ah post on this forum. All in all is good entertainment but I can assure you that NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

All the people who using this event to make their idealism postings better go back and take a few classes in cynicism. The line to replace Diaz long like the mississippi and it remind me of the line of criminals being screened in a scene in BLAZING SADDLES!!!

lol...your final sentence is boss bro...lol...and that is one of my pet peves...every want power...to be the man...or woman...ah wonder if any of dem want to wuk too?...


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