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Pan People really need to stop blaming Pan Trinbago Executive. They didn't just appear in those positions says Jeston Lett.

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merrytones, everybody want ah chance to milk the cash cow....lol


In every gangsta movie the college boy who hangs out with gangstas always end up  at the end of the movie turning states witness.  And the ganstas ends up pushing up daises or in jail for 5 life sentences. And as the credits role up at the end of the movie we can see the college boy sipping rum and coco cola with pan music in the back ground on some beautiful island. Now, I'm not saying this current Pan Trinbago saga will end up this way. Look what Diaz did to the Nigerians. And they have been making movies for awhile now.

And yes Claude all dem ministers does read the WST forum.

On other matters For your own protection make sure you have your helmet on tonight. Westbrook is going to score 100 points tonight for OKC. You've been suffering from too many concussions lately.  


bugs: Nothing to cure a concussion like sitting and waiting for KEITH DIAZ to MEET THE PRESS!!! Ah always thought (and proclaimed loudly) that I had a psychological read on this man. But all I can see now is him RESIGNING -- which does not quite fit my profile of the man or my broader generalizations on certain people ever stepping down from power.

We never thought that it would end like this eh with the Vice President stabbing the President in the back!!! I eh trusting nobody on this forum after this gangsta movie wraps.

Aye Bugs in dem gangsta movie today the collage boi could be the one pushin up daises, all the big man has do to is show up with a bag of cash and empty it out on the ground, yuh know how gangsta like to flash big money these days.  In this time of recession it's easy to give someone a concussion.

Cecil the key is who will be the executive producer of this movie. 

If the Nigerians are funding the movie it's all over for both Diaz and Serrette. And maybe De Photo too based on what Bowie Sonnie Bowei said they did to the Nigerians. After all it seems like they tried to steal the man's company. Payback is ah b--ch.

If Bollywood is funding the movie everybody goose might be cooked. They are not overly excited about pan. But they might allow Diaz to make it out of the movie so they can make a sequel and write him off in the follow-up movie. We have to admit that Diaz is an "engaging villain" character.  

If the Trini government funding this movie, everybody might be safe in order to save face. However, both Diaz and Claude have made disparaging remarks about the cultural minister. She might jus get vex and demand a massacre scene at the end and wipe everyone out. 

If Diaz funds the movie with "The Greens" money watch out - lord have mercy...

The word on the ground is that this could get real nasty.  There are three different endings being written as we speak. Denzel might even play Diaz in the movie. ODW should put together a new Soca so that the movie will have an authentic theme music.

But you are right no matter who funds the movie, there will be a few concussions.


Good Passage, bugs. Come hell or high water, I want to be in the editing room. Even if Dolly banish me from the production -- ah sneaking back in the night when them fellahs on the cutting floor and making sure the shots and scenes fit together well and the audience is not left behind with disconnected jumps. The pretty Trinidad actresses have to be caught at just the right angles effervescing with sexuality as the cameras linger on their tropical assets. 

ha ha ha - LOL

If Salah gets the job as President of Pan Trinbago, who by the way would be an excellent choice, they might let you in the edit room.


I agree with you, Jeston. People who are elected can do no wrong. Yup, I got it. By the way, what's wrong with being a college boy? What's wrong, or is it rong, with a lil Edeecation?

I wonder if Serrette be telling the truth? Jes wondering. Also wondering if he is following the 'principles of Rastafarianism'? I guess time will tell. Eh?

The Future of Pan is in the Hands of the Bands, and their membership. The question is IF they KNOW it, and what will be DONE.

Bugs, if Claude's dream becomes a reality with Salah as the new president, I will advocate that Claude be appointed expat director of PanTrinbago to look after all the association's international business. 

The National instrument of Trinidad and Tobago...the Steelpan.....the constituency of Pan people....and the Largest grassroots organization in the Caribbean.......and the World Governing Body of SteelPan ....are mired in a controversy of allegations of unprecedented levels of greed, corruption, self aggrandizement and control for power.....of the Corporate Body....Pan Trinbago Inc.....a private entity incorporated by

Those who live in glass houses ought not to throw stones....as highly elected office holders in this movement,.they ought to know better....but in reality as Winston Churchill once opined, "Power corrupts...and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Plenty plenty more shall be unfolding.....the evidence appears not to be circumstantial...every story have 3 sides...the defendant version, the appellant version and de God-awful truth...

I suppose that NCC Chairman & Accountant are watching; TT Customs & Excise watching, GORTT Ministers of Culture; Finance; and Foriegn Affairsand the Hon. Dr. PM also watching,...TTPS Fraud Squad, British Scotland Yard, and Interpol may also be watching....

.I will leave it right there for now...and continue to pray for and hold on tight to my beloved national instrument......coming from out of this dark time.,.into the light
Jeston Lett..... are you in the pocket of Pan Trinbago......


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