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Stop using the pan as a stepchild - says ace musician

Musician standout Leon Foster Thomas says:

It's nice to see that pan is reaching places like the Vatican and such but, why is it so poorly supported? 1 soca and chutney singer gets 2 mil and a steel band of 120 players get the same 2 mil. Does that make sense? Why didn't they take Machel or one of them to the vatican or for Joe Biden and see how far that would have gone. i have nothing against the Machel and others but, give us our just due. Stop using the pan as a step child. Only using the pan for convenience. It's a Gem. start treating it and it's people like royalty. The Pan is the best marketing tool of great significance, maybe the only best tool that makes Trinidad and Tobago stand out from other countries globally. Yet, e Art form still fights for respect and acceptance. Sad!

Is the pan being used as a stepchild?

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Stepchild is a mental attitude towards the Pan and its related culture, Claude. And yes MILLIONS spent and Thousands have supported, but are we getting the VALUE for MONEY SPENT OVER THE YEARS??

A few people are reaping the fruits: like the ones manufacturing and exporting pans. The PANMEN were the ones subsidized and given the stage so it was up to them to bring something to the table in return; the PANMEN are the ones who did not deliver "the VALUE for MONEY SPENT OVER THE YEARS."

But every opportunity was presented for the instrument to grow and it did indeed grow beyond the marketing or the musical capabilities of the originators.

My opinion, Mr.Gittens, is that the industry is suffering from a lack of quality recorded music PAN MUSIC designed to be played on mainstream radio stations around the world. We need pop class original compositions and creative covers coming out of Trinidad.

How are you going to get to the BET music awards or the Grammys without producing good music? 

Point taken Claude,and my opinion is still if the PANMAN does not take HIS cultural expression seriously, dispite all that money spent, yuh think anyone else would?? e.g. Check the Pan Headquarters!! PAN Is not only his Stepchild, but he have no place to live!

Mr. Claude Gonzales or who ever you are. Where are you from, and who are you working for? Why did you allow your self to be used as an AGENT to intercept an redirect the Millions and Millions of dollars that have been poured into PAN since its invention? Is your statement one of guilt, or are you an agent of mischief, lies and propaganda? Please don't leave me this way. Tell us more about where the money gone. As my good friend would say when he is seeking knowledge. Rescue me from my ignorance.

You miss the point...Pan is  not given the attention it deserve, look what happen elsewhere,Japan,USA, Canada Switzerland to name a few places.  check the progress  and stride being made, look at the number of Caribbean musicians  present in these foreign lands as a result.if you were at the 2000 Pan Music Festival..you would have seen the development and forward movement that pan is accorded in in these Lands.Even Mr. Patrick Arnold Former Pan Trinbago President was move to say (in 2002)  that Trinidad do not deserve its status as the mecca of pan, because of how it is treated in its birth place.

excellent observation re the prize money!!

The Government is doing its part with highlighting (PR) the instrument globally - Gift for the Royal Wedding, Gift for President Obama, Gift for the Chinese President, Gift for Vice-President Joe Biden - this instrument thru the media is circulating the world over and over again - all we do is complain that the Government is not doing enough, their is a thread right now on WST about if the steelpan was Jamaica invention we would be better off, nonsense, look at the Public Relation the steelpan is getting worldwide and these JOKERS (PanTrinbago) not taking advantage to reap the awards.

Look where Gill's Pan Shop reach as an Independent Steelpan Manufacturers TT citizens have a Cepep, URP mentality everything they involve in they want Govt handout - Steelpan people's take advantage of the opportunities, get your steelpan business in order.....

give tongues I want to say a stepchild what I have a problem with that I tried don't have to spring for me old pussy the loins for you to read it and know the truth and love it and grow it at all people all over the world parent children that didn't spring from them so throw away the word step in this reasoning right now that makes no sense at all what about the the human birth in Trinidad Carried away before they could make musical choices for themselves learn to sing Italian Finnish German Latin every kind of thing but Calypso at age 50 traveling down unda Austrailia encounters pan this instrument that that was perceived as of no account and no importance of any significance to this person this human's life yet there gut their belly there guiding universal teacher and every DNA pores and cells of their body was attracted to desired to know more of and play this mysterious instrument upon Footloose holding the sticks within their power comes you sure have never played this before? No but I love music on music in the hand in pan that play several instruments but I did never know that pan could be so sweet it was never something anyone in my clan my family seem to show any respect or interest in now I would say I could be a pan evangelist preaching the word telling people about the passionate no reconciliation to my Spirit upon touching and hearing the possibilities for pan I feel many times we do not know the potential for greatness within the things that we take for granted in my case I never even knew pan music as someething that could influence my musicality potential forums and venues of expression you see we don't even know the magnitude of which our language our movements our style of dress our musicality of speech pattern these are all the things that explicitly expressed on pan my god what are unique inspired instrument holistic minimizing your carbon footprint on the world helping clean up someone else's mess creatively gone to great the even want to put in these kind of negative derogatory categories I would go so far as to say some self lovin how to happen for Pan to get with Pan have to go cause everybody but we know the greatness of this thng call steelpan some real selffirstingselfloving for pan vibrations ate needed pray for pan and psn makers amd pan lovers everywhere to hold true.

 @I'm sold/ write2justice: Say, WHAT???

My brother, i know you have something to contribute, but we are are experiencing some problems in understanding what you are saying.   Some punctuation marks would assist us.

Send it again with the punctuation marks, because we really want to hear you.

That is Midnight Robber talk. You have to read it in one breath.

Question: Do the steel bands take themselves seriously? Look at what they come onto the streets for carnival, compared with what is displayed for Panorama. There is a Steel band called Rising-Stars-Youth-steel orchestra in St Thomas. Take a look at their rack on the road. Now they seem to be serious about pan. The steel bands need get together and take some initiatives to do something for themselves. Maybe then and only then, they might be taken seriously.

My two cents


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