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Studio launch on the 11th; needed a work station and creative centre.

Hey, WST family I know I have been a little far these days, not only on WST but in the whole pan movement. I have been working on the 3 E's plan I came up with when I was campaigning for the VP post of Pan Trinbago. Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment.  A big idea is a big idea so I am investing money to make it a reality. What is needed is a work station and a creative centre that is fully equipped to do audio and video recording. The infrastructure is almost finished and I have just enough equipment to start, so on the 11th December, which is just about a week away, I will be launching the studio. I am inviting you to the tune in on my fb live to get some of the action on the evening. There will also be the unveiling of a functional art piece called THE CELLO, paying homage to all the great cello-pan players all over the world, created by yours truly.

I would love to have all of my WST family tuned in but I really wish some how Earl Richards can be there in person. Men like him really inspire me to push for excellence as not only a panist but a cultural ambassador. 

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  • A Ticket (Business Class),
  • A Rented Car (Medium Size)
  • Hotel Accommodation (***** of Course)
  • A Vene (User Choice)

Call It All Expenses Paid For Three (3) Days and Two (2) Nights, should be affordable out of pocket to make Earl's presence a reality bro.

nice, I will work on it.

and what accommodation school I make for his manager?


Hotel accommodation I speak of is double occupancy for Earl and the Vene. I eh know bout no manager. To manage Earl or the Vene?


o gad doh


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