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Note well ,from my observation,,the only steelband that has played Indian Music to my knowledge was Jit Samaroo..with his family which i listened to and was astonished in the year 1983 ?,,now to the point,T&T is a multicultural country,,if the steelpan players doe snot and have not indulged in the playing of indian music which i have observed ,,there would be and happen to be disinterest in the steelpan by the indian population,,,LET  IT  BE KNOWN,,,my observation from day one on this website,,the end rusult ,is that from the indian side,,the hindus,,there  would be no support whatsoever ,,which has shown it,s face pertinently,,,,,,reasons ,,,,because the steelpan,,steelbands does not and have not been playing indian music,,,,FACTS, so if ever the rest was dumb,,ignorant or played as though they knew not,,i am a person that try to speak the truth which many happen to be afraid of or can face up to,,HOW  TIT,S IN THE  OPEN,,,STEELPAN  DON,T PLAY  INDIAN  MUSIC,,,SO   DON,T EXPECT  NO SUPPORT,,,i can go further,,,and god as my witness ,,facts,and not fiction,

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