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General Performance: this category is sud-divided into the following:

(a) Interpretation;The ability of the arranger to initially state the composer's intentions, and the skill of the steel orchestra in executing the arrangement and all the articulations therein with precision.

(b)Dynamics:The effective execution of gradations and contrasting volumes and other musical expressions in the arrangement.

(c)Balance:The ablity of the band to distribute their instruments on stage so that all aspects of the orchestration of the arrangement will be audible throughout the performance.

This entire category (fourty) points.

Suggestions; Based on the three sub categories, interpretation should be given a top score of 20 points with the other 2 sub-categories 10 points each. The adjudicators will have to be more transparent in their assignment of points, and with proper reason for the points they score in each sub category.

(3) Tone;

Tuning and blending of pans; The overall tonal quality of the pans, including the consistency of tuning within the steel orchestra. The score for this category is 10 points.

Suggestion; Maybe tuners should be classified for the adjudicators. Imagine having the best tuners blend your pans for this competition based on the definition above and one adjudicator will give a score of 7 or 8 out of ten and others will give a 10 .

(4) Rhythm:The ability of the arranger to effectively utilize the instruments of "the engine room" (the drum set, congas,iron-beaters, and applicable percussion instruments during the performance. Rhythm should include the grouping of notes into beats,into bars, phrases, consistency in tempo and good, tight, assemble playing. Total points 10.

Suggestion: Maybe specialist adjudicators should be hired for each individual category. Under the Freedom of information act, Pan Trinbago officials should hold a discussion seminar with the adjudicators identifying scores issued in the finals based on the taped performances .

we must find a proper and honest method (transparency) for the judging of this great competition.

p.s. The discussion seminar suggested is not for conflict between bands and the organization. This is for improvement for the following year. 

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