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In further discussions about the global impact steelpan music of Lord Kitchener's "Pan in A Minor" -  a colleague of mine made the following observation.

Strangely, Symphony In G, which predates Pan in A Minor by a decade, is also a in minor key and has a more classic feel, but never had the global impact.  It could be 1) Kitch should have named it Pan in G Minor, or, more plausibly, Pan was yet to go global in 1979.  Plus, there was no Panorama that year. Then again, none of the above is always a good choice, when trying to predict human behavior or you’re guessing like I am.

What do you think?

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Thanks odw this is a beautiful rendition.

Not having a Panorama the year Symphony in G came out, adversely impacted its long-term appeal and acceptance as a masterpiece. There have been some good pan renditions of the piece but in my opinion nothing of a panorama standard rendition. Although Pan in A-Minor is an iconic tune by anyone's standard, it was the Renegades rendition of that song that to this day is the engine behind its appeal and acceptance. There have been other superior quality renditions of the tune, for example the Desperadoes panorama rendition, but for some reason the Renegades rendition has become a global obsession.

Renegades' Pan In A Minor was the standout piece on what I believe was the first internationally-released CD of bands from Trinidad, "Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago" on the Delos label in 1987. That was augmented by the availability of a score of the arrangement from Panyard, Inc, which while far from being the only arrangement that has been scored (the company transcribed Renegades, Desperadoes, Phase II, Fonclaire over a period of ten years), is very popular for a bevy of reasons, foremost being that Jit's arrangement is perfect...

Hi Noah, thanks for the info you provided. I did not know about the music score from Panyard Inc. Strangely enough I had the CD you mentioned but no longer do . I took over a school pan program that Ray Holman was running out here in Seattle and one of the kids borrowed that CD and never returned it. To this day I have been trying to replace it but have been unable to do so. As far as Jits perfect arrangement, no argument here. I have it ranked right up there with Desperadoes Obeah Wedding and Smooth's/All Stars rendition of Curry Tabanca. It definitely has stood the test of time.


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