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T&T Carnival not on world wide web: 'halt' to Parade of Bands

Trinidad Express

The Carnival parade is not being streamed on the world wide web by any local media, not even by State-owned CNMG

The National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) yesterday moved to block the station from streaming the Parade of the Bands, without approval and without paying up, TV6 news reported last night.

The station was on the brink of streaming yesterday's parade when it was stopped by the NCBA, the TV6 report said.

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note: 2/12/2013 - NCBA has set up their own stream. USTREAM has provide access to that stream - watch here

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Still not understanding how to use modern media to promote their culture internationally, and increase revenue to their country.

Two popular old sayings come to mind:

Out of sight, out of mind.


Penny wise, pound foolish

This would only make sense if they had the foresight to arrange a cable and satellite hookup that was available for subscription or pay per view.

After all, there are hundreds of such channels available, but of course that would be expecting too much. 


just a buch of crooks + idiots!!!

Lawd Gord! I cyah believe that in this day an' age my people still cyah get dey act together to bring a lil' mas' to we cultural starvelings out in foreign! Dats it...I referring mih friends to Bahia Carnival nex' year God Spare!!

Carnival seasons for the last few years have been generally peaceful ( Bandits are taking the time off to party also). This would have been an excellent time to show the world that there is still some peace and civility in the annual celebrations.

Notwithstanding marketing and  promotion of the cultural celebrations and still capitalizing ....even if they allow a free show this year for marketing and promotional services and then clamp down next year after securing rights and making sure that it is available at a reasonable cost.. the point is to use the media that is available and find a way to make some revenue..it is just plain COMMON SENSE



NOYZRADIO went off the air also

NCBATT stream went off the air at 4.15 today, like yesterday, without a warning. I guess MacFarland and others are not part of the association??


I HOPE THIS WILL HELP, sniff, sniff, sniff

This is most disappointing.  My wife (who is a Trini) and I were really looking forward to watching the Parade here in Hobart, Tasmania.

I cannot believe at this modern time our Carnival is not produced like Rio , wake up i NCBA.

what on earth is happening with the administration of Carnival, are they ashamed of showing the vulgarity that Trinidad Carnivalhas become if that is the case then say so and do something about it, the creativity, and culture of carnival has been lost to the bead feathers, nakedness, wining,fraternity,no wonder they are not keen on this being seen world wide.  Those who create these costumes and stupidly say Brazil has these same type of costumes, must know hat the brazilians donot wine and skin up like our masqueraders.  on another note, the magazine that is produced after carnival is not what it was, I have collected these magazines, for years, and now all you see is the wining that goes on and no information on what the costumes are bout, OH WHAT A SHAME WE HAVE BROUGHT TO OURSELVES


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