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Newsday January 12, 2018

Weeks before National Panorama finals, Caribbean Airlines has pulled its sponsorship from the Invaders Steel Orchestra because of economic constraints the airline is facing.


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They could have at least waited until after Panorama. NO CLASS.

They should have told them months ago.


How sad, not nice. Be tough after a dark cloud there is light. God bless.

the arranger could be  the reason for the sudden pullout by Caribbean airlines....they sponsor his air line ticket every year, as part of the deal "to work with Invaders".........he arranges for three more bands.......single pan band......." a small conventional"and  a "medium conventional band"  they are all doing better than Invaders in their respective competition...why?  "you be the judge"  I will miss panorama for the first time since 1978.... my "Doctor" is in charge".........peace!!

What????????????. Okay!

Based on this daily newspaper article in the link below, I would be inclined to describe the subject of this discussion as an aberration, and the ensuing comments may quite likely not be in alignment with what may have actually occurred, and the condition that exists at present. In any case, I suspect that Invaders will not be adversely affected by this separation,  and may not be overly worried, as they may have already found new love, if not already in a relationship.

Invaders Lose State Sponsor

$600,000 to prepare a band for PANORAMA that NEVER WIN. Ah wonder what it cost for a band that does come THIRD every year. And then one that does come FIRST or SECOND. If yuh win $1,000,000 and it cost you $800,000 for the production and then KEITH DIAZ and PAN TRINBAGO take $100,000 from your winnings.

That means that you walk away with $100,000 after all that. $100,000 TT could barely shine your shoes on BROADWAY. Time to put an end to all this PANORAMA waste of money!!!

But Russell Providence living in Trinidad and giving we NEWSPAPER REPORT. That man should ah been in INVADERS PAN YARD giving a LIVE AND DIRECT update. That is why ah waiting for THE CIP to TAKE OVER -- it go be all PEACHES and CREAM for PAN from that day forward!!!

Anyway, Russell, thanks for the added perspectives!!!


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