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Thank you for this post. 

Brenda H. 

Ah cyar watch this video NO MORE!!! It bringing tears to meh eyes, and ah doh know why.

Ah thought was only SILVER STARS who could do that!!!

Ah think ah watch this video about 20 times already. We starting to get into the HARDER THEY COME territory.

did you find the little girl?

what time in the vedio did she appear? 

Aquil: After odw edit this section out, I stop looking at the FULL VIDEO. Kings Row Retro Rhythm make meh forget about that girl real quick. Dem fellahs should go in the studio make a CD -- POP STANDARDS in CALYPSO TEMPO.

NO IRON!!! No big set ah extraneous arrangements! And a sound engineer with the right skills and the right ear. After listening to these guys, I can actually hear the final recorded product. But they need a HIGH LEVEL MUSIC PRODUCER.

All dem millions the new PRIME MINISTER OF PAN TRINBAGO will be controlling, some of it should go to recording projects like that.

What the man in the GREY CAP say: TRADITIONAL IDIOM!!!

Since NEW TOWN PLAYBOYZ come through PAN ON DE AVENUE last year with that BARON MEDLEY -- ah eh enjoy NO PAN so much in decades!!!

The day we put the RIGHT PEOPLE in charge of PAN TRINBAGO -- this thing WILL GO GLOBAL ... GUARANTEED!!!

Ah pretending that ah HAPPY -- when BEVERLEY have me BLUE. But it real HARD TO DO!!!

the gray cap man is my father.

I am going to open up my studio so we can get them on wacks soon.

you have buyers lining up Mr claude?

I heard this band for the first time on the streets in Port of Spain, as part of the International Panorama a few years ago. I was quite impressed by the sound and more so the spirit and I followed them all the way to the Savannah. Love it!!!!!

That is some GOOD VALIDATION, Kwame!!!

"I was quite impressed by the sound and more so the spirit ...."

Yuh summarize the whole thing AL PUNTO!!!

Just rocking back and forth with the rhythm. Nice jam!


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