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The andy narell ambasador dream, to all you brain dead, think you know about the direction pan should go.Is it because Ellie mannette has a big influence on Andy narell? you all johnny come lately want to miss lead the population and pan players and perpetuate ripping off pan players. You so call scholars need to do your homework, You are really disturbing me! You all are insulting the dead and the few living pioneers who have taken pan throughout the world. Here is my suggestion, a committee. To include knowledgeable contributers towards the pan from the past to the present: Mr Othello Molineaux,Rudy Smith,[two left] David Williams, (Happy) and help Len [Boogsie] Sharpe,regain status to travel. It can be done. And have Gerald Forsythe as a decision maker on that panel.

From my heart to yours.

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