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The APA Pan Fellowship is a groundbreaking new programme offering participants a culturally immersive and practical learning environment, infused with the traditions of steelpan, in the wider context of indigenous percussion and pan-Caribbean music. The fellowship strives to produce well-rounded pan practitioners, familiar with relevant music of the African diaspora and the pedagogical practices of its cultural heritage.

The programme is being launched with the support of an Enabling Environment Grant awarded by the Caribbean Development Bank through its Cultural and Creative Industries Innovative Fund (CIIF).
Running from January to July 2020, the fellowship will offer thirty participants opportunities for personal and professional development. Fellows will participate in courses at the Academy, work with members of the APA Pan Ensemble and the National Steel Symphony Orchestra and pursue outreach activities within the steelpan fraternity, in schools and in the wider community.

The programme was presented at an online event on July 17, 2020 at 10.30 AM (AST) focusing on its mission, vision and content. This will be followed up at the start of the 2020-21 academic year with the release of detailed information regarding application and selection criteria as well as pricing.

For further information please contact Programme Manager Ms. Malika Green:


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Will share this, curious if the programme is for novices and/or experts?  


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