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Mr. Gonzales 

I would like you to write a calypso called "The Apology" and delicate it to your brilliant mayor London Breed.

Please make sure you thank her for saving you and all of San Francisco from themselves. 

I will even help you out with some beginning chords to make sure you capture the proper mood. 

Bmin11  - E9th - F#min9

Make sure you put a line in there about chupid men (and women) needing to get hit upside their head with a hammer - like Rudolph Charles once found necessary.


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bugs: Ah done say THREE HOUR FATHERS and ah HAIL MARY and yuh still want me to APOLOGIZE?

DOCTOR FUCCI say that you have to ANALYZE THE DATA ....

But YOUR MAYOR (Lady LONDON BREED) is playing a very good POLITICAL HAND!!!

San Francisco mayor London Breed


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