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The "Baddest Desperado" was happy and gay with the term "GAY". When that term can be used, REGARDLESS of its meaning, come back and talk to me about "World Governing Body..."

WHO is the effeminate one, really? To have homosexuals take a title that you once proudly bared, makes you look "less of a man" than any proud member of that community. Is the "steelband world" like the US Armed Forces of yesteryear, whereby "gays" have to stay in their proverbial closets? Are we "EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY" entities, or still stuck in the homophobic, hypocritical environment of bigotry? At least, state your positions; are ALL sexual orientations and identities welcome to participate in steelband culture, or not? Madam President?


George D. Goddard - A Profile In Courage! 

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  • Thank you for posting..... once again.
  • Brenda H.

I signed back in just to thank you, Miss Brenda. Great to hear from you. Stay safe...remember I am just a phone call away. BTW - My wife started a nonprofit to address violence against women and girls. Check her site out when you can. One Love. George.

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