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The Big Five - Legendary Steelbands - Are they that good?

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Thanks ODW.  We didn't remember this.

That good at what or for what? Where is the question leading?

Good enough to form an association? To manage it? What?

This question was originally posted 4 years ago, today the Big 5 are faced with a different set of challenges.

From an organizational stand-point I would like them utilize their business management skills to get this eyesore completed.

A Headquarters for the International Steelband Foundation, with a state of the art recording studio for foreign and local pan musicians. Facilities for foreign students to attend workshops in the art-form, learning how to arrange and play our music. Bele, Ramajay, Chutney, Parang and Kaiso. maybe the B5 could  include the first three in their repertoire for their July concert along with Boogsie theme song. They can produce a CD or DVD to commemorate the event.


ODW -- A Headquarters for the International Steelband Foundation. Interesting concept. But I see it as the responsibility of the Trinidad & Tobago government. The Big Five must stick to Big Five issues.


Bugs, I see this as a financial investment for the ISF. I doubt it's a Not for Profit organization. Strictly business. They will have to break down for me how are they going to achieve these goals. Big Five issues.

We know what happened at the ICP in 2015...

This meeting culminated with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the participants and Pan Trinbago, to develop a framework for engaging the international steelpan community and establishing a formal center of authority.

One year later (September7-8,20l6) this initiative was consummated where Pan Trinbago presented the Charter and By-Laws for the consideration of national and regional bodies from Canada, St Vincent and the Grenadines, TT, the United Kingdom and the USA, said a media release.Over the two-day period representatives deliberated on: The Charter and By-Laws of the lAS and The Business Plan of the lAS.including its business model.

Does anyone have updates???

The aim of the BIG 5 FOUNDATION is clearly stated:

The bands say the foundation is aiming to promote more opportunities and international marketing for its members.

The philosophy behind the collaboration of the world’s top five steel orchestras is based on surviving in today’s world which requires mutually beneficial partnerships to leverage creativity, experience and resources.”  

“The aim of the foundation is to promote these opportunities for its members and to promote more collaboration between progressive bands throughout the year. It is also the foundation’s objective to include bands from across the globe and to market steelbands, steelband music, the instrument (pan) and its members internationally.”

Now people are coming on this forum and ascribing all kinds of remedies for the LOCAL PAN DILEMMA that have nothing to do with the THE BIG 5 MISSION STATEMENT.

Like we still stuck with a 1956 MENTALITY or what?

Some want ah zephyr motor car

Others want piece ah land

Now Dorothy loss she man

She want to complain to BIG 5 FOUNDATION


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