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The C.I.P thanks you for your commitment to the culture and your craft.

The C.I.P thanks you for your commitment to the culture and your craft.


By Aquil Arrindell


Before the CIP resumes its ongoing pursuit of justice for the pan people, we would like to say congrats to all the bands that competed and were successful in Panorama 2018. We the members of the CIP, being bandleaders ourselves, would know and understand the struggles and disrespect that all bands had to endure throughout the 2018 Panorama season. And through it all, you and your bands successfully contributed towards making Carnival, one of the biggest income earners of this country, a successful show. We thank you for this.


Our group made a conscious decision not to say or do anything, as a group, that might affect the smooth running of Panorama 2018. We strongly believe that the best way to demand change is for the members of Pan Trinbago to withhold their services during the Carnival season. For example, the Tobago region, during this year’s THA Panorama; the stance they made and the results they got from such action. However, the CIP is not an organization that seeks to serve itself, therefore as the majority of bandleaders wished to have an incident-free Panorama season, it was our duty to facilitate their demands.


We would like to assure you that our agenda remains the same. There are many who signed the petition to start the process of removing the executive from office. Feel free to call any CIP member to get an update on our progress. We would continue to give you the information as unadulterated as possible so you can make informed decisions and reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of those decisions. What we do between now and next Carnival will determine if it would be something we can all profit from or if it would remain the executive’s cash cow.


We would like to thank you for being patient with us. We may not agree on all the topics, discussions and actions we may take from time to time but it is from those disagreements that we collectively shape and mould our rebranded organization into something we can all be proud to be a part of. 


We have seven men sitting in chairs, doing nothing, collecting bonuses and salaries off of your hard work in 2018 Panorama. Stay focussed to literally protect your interests. The executive knows their time is up so they will try to ‘clean it out’ before they leave office. Therefore, getting them out of office as quickly as possible can only benefit you and the entire organization.


CIP says is only love in the house.


Document of Concern Individuals for Pan.


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THE CIP still alive? It eh have NO WINTER in TRINIDAD but THE CIP went into hibernation. How about that?

The Calypso fellah forced TUCO to put him in the BIG SHOW: THAT IS ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS!!!

AQUIL BAND and GREGORY BAND get KICK OUT and dem two leaders WIMP OUT and sit on the sidelines. What kind of leadership does that foreshadow? Ah know that KEITH DIAZ is the GREAT POLITICIAN in the world -- but at least THE CIP could have put up a BETTER FIGHT!!!

KEITH DIAZ eh going NO WHEY!!! Ah done get the 411 from the PRESIDENT'S OFFICE in PAN TRINBAGO.


Maybe is time for some of dem ARRANGERS to go to EUROPE and ply dey TRADE!!!

Change the Change and Make T and T

The home of Calypso in Panorama strictly ....

CIP will always be here Mr. Claude. Every action is calculated and executed, all in the best interest of the movement. 


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