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THE CARIFESTA SUPER CONCERT was a bad Karaoke Superfest that was well attended..

Carifesta Super Concert was nothing more than acts with some of the big names putting on bad Karaoke performances. The musicianship was piss poor. Does anyone have to sing in key anymore? What was wrong with Blaxx? Horrible performance.  Most of the performances reminded us why these performers are at best studio vocalists/players who have no business performing to a live audience. 

Dr. Dolly should be arrested for faking the move and apologize to the Pan community. At least when the panists perform live they ain't faking.

We won't even get into engineering and production of the show.

As for the Pan Trinbago and the Pan Sweet Pan concert - don't ever attempt to stream Pan again without professional equipment. A cell phone stream, seriously? Get some kind of video and audio standard. Embarrassing. You are doing harm to the standing of Trinidad & Tobago pan world wide with your lower-than-amateur-broadcast of pan performances. 

There are over 17 live performances in this playlist. If you have time check their performances against their studio recorded productions. Which one of these Super Concert performers could perform on this MTV stage? In reality only any one of the Trinidad steel orchestras really would have belonged on this MTV stage.

Here is what a super concert looks and sounds like


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This Missy Elliott performance had me in awe.. Those dance routines had me wishing I could move just half as much as those dancers. Thanks for posting it.

Brenda H.


Her performance was wicked...



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