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The Carnival Is Not Over Who Said So? Michael Marcano President, Renegades Steel Orchestra

An Interview with Dalton Narine

I believe anyone who did not join in the struggle has no moral authority to question someone who did. (Michael Marcano)

Michael Marcano joined the CIP (Concerned Individual for Pan) out of a concern for the declining state of affairs of the steel band in its own birthplace. He’s frustrated with the executive of the governing body, and deems the group as self-serving and lacking in vision for taking the movement forward.

...“Panorama began in 1963 and has undergone no significant or sensible upgrade. We speak of it as being the world’s grandest steelband show, yet fail to realize that it is losing its appeal. The medium-band and large-band semi-finals are the only shows today that play to a packed house. All other shows are poorly attended, even those that are free to the public. But that doesn’t seem to concern us. Government is footing the bill.

“So we walk around beating our chest and saying, ‘It is the pan that’s bringing the tourists for Carnival. But where are they on Finals night? Certainly not in the stands..

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I just don't understand why you guys come around panorama time to mention this. How many days are in one year? Treat pan as a business then after the panorama competition. All these states you mention in the USA  and also other foreign countries advancing pan, not one of them can bring a band to TT, compete and win  the  panorama competition. The TT government can only do so much funding around this season. It's panorama time now, lets keep the focus here.

Tell me then  if any arrangers abroad can compete with Smooth, Boogsie as examples, and beat them in panorama. Let's see how good these foreigners match up. (not trinis living abroad)

THE THREE AMIGOS could LICK UP any LOCAL NAME that you could put up here!!!

I eh TALKING about PANORAMA NOISE, eh!!! Ah talking about PANORAMA MUSIC!!!


Nice interview MM.

Mr. Marcano, you asked some questions and answered them correctly. I agree with most of the sentiments expressed in the article. A couple things you did not state are how many persons that move from Panyard to Panyard during the Large bands preliminary judging in the East and North. I have no idea what takes place in the South-Central and Tobago regions and thus did not include them. The other thing is the huge crowd that occupies the area of the Savannah leading to the stage, during the medium and large bands Semis and Finals, myself included mainly to hear the large bands. I look forward to what this new executive will bring to bear positively on the movement.
I am seriously considering whether I am coming into Port of Spain for the Jouvert this year, something I have not missed in the last 30 years. Every year the overall participation by steelbands is dwindling rapidly.

Mr. Dalton Narine: I love the way you FORMATTED the article!!!

Many thanks,  Claude. Much appreciative.

Excellent interview Dalton.

I hope President Beverly is listening to what Marcano is saying. He framed the whole picture for her and her administration.

Unfortunately, I'm stating to believe that the people with clear vision are not on her ship. How could Pan Trinbago come out in 2019 with the same Panorama format and marketing strategy?

Mr. Marcano it's time for you and the other large bands to leave Pan Trinbago and do your own thing in order to save pan in Trinidad and Tobago.



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