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Now I heard that GERARD MENDEZ collected over HALF A MILLION$$$ in salaries over the last 20 months before he got fired for INCOMPETENCE.

So a man call me quite from TOCO to ask me why BEVERLEY took so long to figure out that GERARD MENDEZ does not know the FRONT FROM THE BACK of a CHEQUE yet he was on his way to collecting A MILLION DOLLARS$$$ in salaries AS  THE TREASURER of PAN TRINBAGO.

This has to be a reflection of the MANAGERIAL PROWESS of THE PRESIDENT indicating to me that WOMAN IS NOT BOSS!!! But Cecil and Earl and Bertel and Ian and Duvone and Boogsie and WACK RADIO have a different opinion. Maybe that is why PAN stays so STAGNANT and BANKRUPT!!!

And the man keep pushing me to find out why THE NEW TREASURER  did not release the FINANCIAL STATEMENTS for 2019 and 2020. Well, BEVERLEY runs that organization with a heavy hand and as you could tell the CURRENT TREASURER is a bit WIMPY and a FOLLOWER. So regardless what she sees in the books -- BEVERLEY OVERRIDES POLICY and PRIVACY!!!

PAN TRINBAGO has to be REVAMPED if we want to get rid of ALL THIS CORRUPTION!!!

In any serious organization -- THE EX-VEE PEE  and MENDEZ and GULSTON and THE PRO would have been fired months ago.

I am still waiting for PAN TRINBAGO to organize a WEBINAR to discuss THE DISMAL FAILURE OF OUR PAN SOLOISTS when they faced very limited GLOBAL COMPETITION. It was not a surprise to me -- but TRINIS believed differently so they deserve an EXPLANATION!!!

Of course it was NO SURPRISE to me because GLOBAL PAN MUSIC is an entirely different animal from what TRINIDAD PAN PLAYERS indulge themselves in -- but they do not know that!!!

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