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The combined viewership (Facebook and Youtube) topped off around 9,000 (Nine Thousand).

Facebook held a steady 1.8K for a while and Youtube topped off around 7.1K but a lot of people bailed early on from that site. So if we add in WACK (that had to be a small number) and When Steel Talks, we could be generous and say that the GLOBAL AUDIENCE was about 10,000 (Ten Thousand).

So where do we go from here in building a bigger PANORAMA AUDIENCE?

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To improve viewership I suggest you advertise, advertise ADVERTISE.  I was unaware that I could view carnival shows through 'tttliveonline'.  I live in Europe on a small island and I miss my T&T culture at this time. Although there is carnival here it does not have all the elements I'm accustomed to. When Steel Talks/Pan Times sent me the link I became relieved to know I won't miss calypso, steelband and Parade of the Bands. Thank you. 

Dear Hazel: Thanks for your posting!!! One day (I hope one day) the PAN ADMINISTRATORS in TRINIDAD and TOBAGO will wake up and realize that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of EXPAT TRINIS around the world who share this PASSIONATE LOVE for TRINIDAD CULTURE with an UNPARALLELED HUNGER.

And in much the same way that WHEN STEEL TALKS could send you the link to bring you into the modern era of CULTURE SHARING -- the ADMINISTRATORS in charge of the CULTURE who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to promote THE CULTURE (locally and globally) must wake up one day and recognize the INVALUABLE RETURNS to the NATION that could be unearthed from this PASSIONATE GLOBAL POOL of EXPAT CULTURE LOVERS -- even from as distant as a small island in EUROPE.

Claude, I definitely agree with your statement. 

So where do we go from here in building a bigger PANORAMA AUDIENCE?

I know 14 year old kids who can stream online gaming and get over 30,000 viewers, with some paying $9US to watch them play games, advertisers pay them to showcase their products, some get donations to continue streaming their games.

TTT needs to do some serious INVE$TMENT upgrading their equipment, we are in the DIGITAL age.

High Definition VIDEO is now considered standard, same with digital AUDIO

Who will pay to watch a LIVE stream music show with this type of lighting and audio?

The gimmicks don't work when you are trying attract an INTERNATIONAL audience, Trinis are used to accepting mediocrity. One step forward 20 steps BACKWARDS.

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1984 , the Final night of Panorama...


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