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What a sad show - with WIADCA as the "Evil Empire" up for best actor and USSA up for best supporting actor for the role of "King Stupid".  

USSA you betrayed the New York pan community.

If I was WIADCA, I would not pay the steelbands for 2016 and 2017. They did not play on any stage.  And they sent the judges home. This was not a Panorama. I've seen better band launches than this.

So sad. RIP.

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GospelPan, i've only heard nonsense, like some mumbling about "insurance" - but that makes no sense... cause later on the same day on the same (still wet??) stage, they had the calypsonians and Dimanche Gras. And I would think a wet slippery stage would be MORE risky for individuals dancing and walking around than pan racks in one place. so I dunno what reason was given.
However, on the upside, I'm sure the bands sounded MUCH better on the drag, close up to the audience, without that horrible tin-can amplification.

Thanks Catt, I suspect it may have been a timing issue because the bands would've pushed everything back...remember it was supposed to have been done the day before.

odw, we have a lot of bright people around the Steelband, yet we find ourselves always trying to swim up-stream. A lack of respect for each other will surely give these results.

We don't believe in our STRENGTH when it comes to this music and it's POWER. No lessons from its history.

Steelband drummers (Pan musicians) gone SOFT don’t have anything to stand on, not advocating violence but strength in convictions. What’s the problem no LEADERSHIP, no VOICE, no ORGANIZATIONAL skills to represent their plight?

Mighty Chalkdust - Marabuntas Territory

Mighty Chalkdust - Marabuntas (Pan Version)

We have a serious attitude problem toward the steelband/pan and will always have conflict until we get over it.


The main problem with the bands is the 99% of the players carry-on with their regular daily life after Panorama and only resurface next year. It is during the off season you deal with the problems, so what you have is 1% making decisions for the other 99% which don't work out well. This is 2017 Pan Players need to set up a web site where they can vent and be a part of the decision making. 

 Cecil, that is what band captains are for.

You cannot have every player be part of the decision-making. That is exactly how the trouble starts. No two people can agree and erybody thinks only THEY know best. Too many cooks spoil the soup. 

Regardless of whether they have the 'full house' of players only for panorama, or their year-round stageside - whatever decisions the captains make, the "seasonal" players will abide. if they only there for summer and panorama, they have to go with the program, and get with whatever has been planned by the regular band management.

Catt, There-in lies the problem the band you have in August is not the band you have in January,This is why a web site necessary to  keep everyone informed.

No bad spirit here.. nothing mystical here.. Just politics, politricks, greed and no vision for the future.. no sustainability here. If anybody want to say bad spirit say this... them other places stand up... And NY didn't. Our pan ancestors/gods was disappointed in the fact that this vessel that they have given us to carry on in dis world sinking faster and faster. And the attempt to keep it afloat saw NY not joining in. Karma Karma Karma... The boycott should have happened.. they folded and look what happened.

They sent the judges home? So no judging? So no-one won? So no band can say "we win Panorama" ... maybe .. (wishful thinking here) we wake up as pan ppl now. No winner was crowned... and we all know how much Panorama means to steelbands. Dey go take anything yuh give them... or don't give them.. but don't you dare not crown a winner. 

Wonder how the money goes or doesn't go, cause of that was extra cost to come the day after. Costs that already wouldn't have been covered for the bands had it been the original night. 

Here is a quote from a man in Trinidad whose 80-year-old mother was killed in her home: "We are a culture of tolerant people and I think we need to be less tolerant, more demanding, and less fearful. It seems that everyone is always afraid of repercussions .... We are afraid of saying the wrong things and not having the parties in power give [US] aid or jobs.” 

On reading about the NEW YORK PANORAMA crisis this weekend, I was thinking about the political culture that influenced the mindset of PAN MEN. But this grieving son expanded the LIVING FIELD across all aspects of the society. We could talk change until we are blue in the face but until we untangle our minds from the political slavery -- nothing is going to change. To make matters worse, any attempts to bring change will only be a starting point that would not reveal results in under 25 years, allowing incompetence and corruption to prevail as we see today.

So our generations will always be trapped in a life sentence of OLE TALK and MORE OLE TALK. It is not that WE LIKE IT SO -- it is that we were conditioned to ACCEPT IT SO!!!

I wrote this on another forum to one of my friends Cecil Hinkson. He said that I was a "doom " writer and opposed to the steelband. Do you agree anyone with that I am opposition to the steelband?. I have been writing for years this same concept and saying this day will arrive all around the world, where steelbands will be disrespected eventually simply because they are in a begging mode of operation. And they cost a hell of a lot of money. This begging condition must be changed to where they have their own money in this 21st century or else they will not make it through this century. Do you agree? Here goes.

From the other forum
Cecil, I am a realist. I look at the reality. Sometimes reality means to stop the "pie in the sky dreaming" illusion platform. So it appears as anti illusion. Illusion is mistaken for reality sometimes. In the case of pan coming back unto the road in full or street party (blockorama) at carnival in T&T, this is an illusion at this time. The government of T&T do not really care for the steelbands. This is a reality check. They see them as consumers of State funds rather than profitable options. They are a cost to the State is what government officials say all the time. If you notice, and I hope you do notice, that the same pattern of State officials across the globe any where the pan is played is cutting back on monies spent. The carnivals across the globe, the Panoramas across the globe any where they are held less and less attention is given to the steelbands at these events. Every where the steelbands are treated in this way. There is also a reason for this. The steelband movement comes across as a big beggar movement from both government and business community. The sponsoring system started by Eric Williams has seen its time. The time is nigh for it. This is why I preached the philosophy of changing the beggar system to the steelband movement owning their own assets quite apart from their pans only. That just one asset. But even in gaining and maintaining this asset they have to beg others. The steelband movement has to do it differently in this 21st century. Its called self ownership-self help, self actualization, self interest, and self awareness. This is what this century brings my dear childhood friend. The time for begging from others is coming to and end. There are too many opportunities now for big organizations like the pan movement to continue to beg. Pan Trinbago should have done better in this regard as they boasted about being the world movement for pan internationally. But that cannot be a non profit begging donations and subsidies movement. That is coming to and end. There is the Internet where millions of funds can now be raised if one knows how. That was not there in the 20th century. So the begging thing is the main keep back of the steellband movement now. Both governments, other world authorities and businessmen are reducing funds now. The steelbands are costly things to run and it takes a lot out of government/authorities to cater for them in a yearly basis. This goes for the business sponsors. So things are not what they use to be in the 20 th century. This has to be realized by everyone involved in the steelband movement. The young generation that is interested in the movement are not going to waste time begging as well. They will join for sometime and move on. This is what we see at Panorama time. After Panorama they are gone. What makes it worst they don;t get paid on time and the pay is carrot feed. From $1000 reduced now to $500 and next year it may be $300 and so on. This is nonsense. There fore all these things have reduced the incentives for steelband to come out in any big way on carnival days. Then you have the decibel problem with the DJs as I have been pointing out. So the steelband movement unless it rethinks its entire 21st century strategy can become eventually extinct. This is a glaring reality- In other words the movement without any serious turn around is calling their own doom. What the movement need is to become a World Body of pan which takes all the international bands into Account. The Big5 is unto this concept or so I think. I am not quite sure as yet as I have not joined then in any way. But it should aim for this. The Foundation should have International funds in the billions by various ways. It is from that funds and more coming in each year that steelbands can be funded along with raising their own funds and staging their own shows. Steelbands should have nothing to do with government funds. It is does not reach to this in this 21st century, the movement will die a natural death eventually. No one will bother with it. This does not mean the pan itself will become extinct. But have large steel bands will come to an end if it keeps on going the way of simply begging to remain alive. This is the reality and a doom philosophy. What is a doom philosophy is what is happening to them worldwide as we write and speak. It is never possible to do the same things without changing any thing and expect change to take place. That does not exist.


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