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What a sad show - with WIADCA as the "Evil Empire" up for best actor and USSA up for best supporting actor for the role of "King Stupid".  

USSA you betrayed the New York pan community.

If I was WIADCA, I would not pay the steelbands for 2016 and 2017. They did not play on any stage.  And they sent the judges home. This was not a Panorama. I've seen better band launches than this.

So sad. RIP.

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There is an bad spirit surrounding out instrument. Any one have a suggestion of a name for the bad spirit?

ofgs. it aint nothing like no 'bad spirit'. What a flicking copout.
This is caused by people, the choices they make and actions they take (or DON'T take). People who won't draw a line in the sand, and stand up for themselves. this is what happens.


Mi Amigo, wise men speak WHEN they have something to say, but , FOOL'S speak because THEY HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING...

Bugs, what happened? I heard the bands didn't perform on the stage, why was that?
Did the bands get paid for 2016?
Who won panorama?


nobody won. it was canceled last night for weather, rescheduled for today at 12 noon. But then It turned into a blockorama - the bands played on the drag, and it was not judged.  

That is crazy..,thanks for the info

So I guess because they had to pay an extra day for security and the sound system, they used the prize money cash to cover the cost?

Something doesn't feel right.
Catt, did they say why the bands could not use the stage?

The stage was slippery.

Avoid litigation when it becomes necessary, a business decision. Fans should be able to understand and event co-coordinators should've taken the lead in communicating changes to that effect. Bottom-line we are still operating in a third-world mentality in a city considered capital of the free world.

Some people are NOT technology READY, the disbursement of information is at our finger-tips with a phone (text) and a mailing list. This was a real PR disaster. 

Apparently no one could find a few mops.  Interesting that a couple of hours later the stage was dry enough for the stage crew to be setting up for the Dimanche Gras on a perfectly dry stage, while the Panorama - concert- was still going on.  Something strange here...

Interesting...it shouldn't be difficult for them to communicate with the steelband association to have them notify the bands.


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