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Flowers bloom and die and bloom again. And thus was the Panorama reborn Saturday night, ten medium and ten large bands swaddled in a labor of love - the beauty of the music inside the bands, much like the interior of a European concert hall or the Vatican, especially the Vatican. The quadrophonics and four pans nestled within the heart of each orchestra while supplying the family tree with the nutrients for victory.



Narine: Wait till you see Renegades perform Hooken Meh. This very well could be the tightest RAMA ever. They sounded great. Clean, powerful, good arrangement

Dr. Frances: Renegades will be hard to beat but we have to see what else is coming. I didn’t like Despers’ ending. Sounded very abrupt. Yes, Renegades will be hard to beat, the beginning skit. The whole performance was well done. Smooth and seamless. The wedding scene at the end helped to pull it off. Clever.

And the Stalin song, I mean, “we could make it if we try.”

Renegades did it right.

Narine: They’ll definitely be in the top tier.

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