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Casper Durant, one of the best to have ever played the Quads speaks on the future of the instrument..

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The logical answer for your concern here is bands don't see the need for it. Too many different pans has interfered with drive for standardization.

In a Panorama tune the arranger should be obligated to provide Quad music. As for a stage side, bands have to be practical and be as compact as possible. They never paid much attention to size and weight thus making the steelband difficult to move around.

CH, these guy's do not know what the hell they're doing, they don't know how to use these voices/instruments period...

CH, these guy do not know what Sopranissimo, Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Contralto is, where on manuscript, there's somethings that is called the Treble Clef , the 1st 5 lines on manuscript E G B D F, derived by "Johann Kepler in 1559, and the 4 spaces F A C E,, there's also a C or Alto Clef, and a Bass or F Clef, and more, and until these "MAGICIANS" know's this, and how to utilize it, they will continue their ignorant charade until DOOMS DAY...

This is very interesting Mr. Durant. Have you challenged the arrangers to step up their game in terms of writing parts for the quads?

Do you put Desperadoes in the same boat in terms of not writing original lines for the the quad? Especially with Zanda as the arranger?


Bugs all yuh have to do is watch what the young lady was playing two years ago on the Rocket Pan [6] and yuh know Zanda gave her those lines.

Mr Caspar Durant, do U know who and or when, the Quadros and Quadraphonic s derived ???

Caspar  Durantits the quad is the same way like the Double Tenor Arangers dont arange the Double tenors the way it meant to be,  Alto, and Counter melody  ,  they but then agiin the tuners dont make DoubleTenos like it should  with a different tone  , only Bertei mashall and Wallace Austin  , and they are gone ,  God bless ther Soul  o    the Arrangers ignor the Quadss,    t

Hey BEDE, I beg to differ a bit, the inventor of the Double tenor, Percy "lizard" Thomas, of Katenjammers in 1956, Rupert "shadow" Nathaniel of Symphonettes in 1957, Dave La Barrie Nutrien Playboys of Henry Street Port of Spain 1961, Herman "rock" Johnston from Pan Am to West Side, D tenor and Triple tenor or "Echophone" 1963, designed from Pan Am triple cellos, u know, u played them BEDE, and Bertie Marshall of Forsyte Hy landers in1964 , and remember, Bertie had to amplify his pans to get it to sound like the others, when there's were natural, and Bertie was NOT, the 1st to amplify pan, "Tripoli" in 1957 and Nutrien Playboys in 1961.. and as for the Quadrophonics,, it came from Anthony Williams in 1968, the Quad Cellos, and it was I, who took it to the U.S. in 1972 in Boston, with Pan Am North Stars Phase II, for the first Boston Panorama and Carnival,, and then to NY, at the corner of Brooklyn and Atlantic, where Rudolph Charles first saw it, and in 1976 it was alleged that Bertie and Rudolph Charles invented the Quadrophonics, the Quadrophonics was here since 1968...

JJJ, U da man to correct the his- story. Glad you mention "Shadow" he is seldom talk about in these conversations, he just dropped out of it, I remember him making the double tenor in 57 I lived two houses from the pan yard, I also remember Zoozie making pans in the yard, fond memories.

CH, then I suppose to know U man...


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