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THE LEGEND!!! The GREAT EMMANUEL COBO JACK RILEY came on the forum today and posted a response to a controversial topic.

And except for Salah and Cecil ... NOBODY acknowledged THIS LARGER THAN LIFE contributor to the STEELBAND MOVEMENT.

Come on WST members!!! We can do better than that!!!

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My good friend Wallace Austin (veteran Pan Tuner another unsung hero) once told me about the legendary Cobo Jack.

It went something like this.....Wallace said that he was in some Pan Tent just jammin around on the Pan  ( not tuning) and Cobo Jack came on the scene and started to play some Pan ....Wallace said that he quietly had to put his sticks in his back pocket and listen  such was the great ability and style of this  pan player/  also a great pan tuner. 

I met Mr. Emmanuel Cobo Jack Riley one time  ...I went to the Pan Trinbago`s office of former president Patrick Arnold and Cobo Jack was there and Patrick introduced me to him. I was just literally dumbfounded that I just could not speak. I have always heard about this legend and here he is in person.......but I blew it ..I missed a great opportunity to talk with this humble man ...I will make up for it the next time I meet him......... Again welcome to this Forum Mr. Emmanuel Cobo Jack Riley

Gathering of The Steelpan Clan is always good. Big Up to WST!

You are correct in that it is good to let these people know that we appreciate their contribution Yesterday this lady said that she taught pan for 20 years, I thank for those years and I am sure she felt good that some appreciated what she did. I don't have a Jack story but anytime I see him play I get as close as I can to listen.

Growing up in Laventille and living not far from the center I was privileged to have been around these guys. still in my early teen and not being able to play because of a ban imposed by my mother after i made my request. her exact words were

"yuh could play yuh know, but make up yuh mind to sleep in the pan yard". never the less i was always around ,and I would observe Cobo Jack at work, but not really understanding the genius of the man. This is whI i give him recognition in one of my composition, ( Who Is Copeland ). which some people weren't comfortable

with .

had the honour of listening to this great man by Invaders in the sixties and even when he tuned by Desperadoes later on I stopped by as I worked in the area once a week. He played on the road with Starlift a few years ago when he returned for carnival and others in the panyard heard his expertise in the yard and on the road. They don't make them like him anymore.

I followed that conversation and did not see a comment from Jack. Hmm....

Hi Char :-) Jack did respond but he used my sign in (Shirleen Chandler). We needed to get him a new password....he can now sign in.  

Yes he was the first pan player I heard do solo ( improv) in a tune when I started to beat pan. I remember when Melody in F came out My mentor Benji Joseph used to so like him. Hey Claude I didn't think you were this old bro. Blessings .

Winston, Claude knew when "Rock Of Ages" was ah pebble.

Cecil: Ah see yuh boy RAY HOLMAN name get CALL!!!








Sparrow's Outcast and Melody in F by Invaders with solos by Emmanuel "Cobo Jack" Riley, best pan solos ever. You hear the finesse of the man.

Gerard: If you hear Leroi Boldon (San Jose, CA) talk about EMMANUEL RILEY you would swear that JESUS  was ROLLING one note from GREEN CORNER to SALVATORI BUILDING. 


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