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Skiffle Steel Orchestra changed their 2018 Panorama tune with five days to go before the Prelim Panorama judging. The results were fantastic as Skiffle heads into semi-finals in second place, tied with Phase II Pan Groove and just two points behind the leading Renegades Steel Orchestra. check interview below

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Not making an excuse. I was talking about people I am close to with someone who knows the joke.


Ignorance is bliss. I know them too, And?  Not cool or funny.

I wasn't making a joke or trying to be cool.  Your hangup is your own. Odie, Kendal and Marc wear NY Yankee hats all the time. And?


I guess you wear a hat that says "BUGS!"

Nope - I'm ah born Yankee fan. All Yankee hats.  No Bugs hats -- someone might try spray me with bug spray. Can't take that chance. Now Sabrina you know was not nice  "BUGS" on a hat. Lorddy, 


Severely poor excuse for ignorance. I know, played for or alongside these arrangers and to call them Yankees as if they are some foreigners coming to invade Panorama connotes some type of “other” or that they don’t truly belong. If you truly knew them as you say you would know that Kendall, Marc, and Odie rarely use social media, if not to showcase their craft to a wider audience and they definitely don’t go around calling their players/friends from Brooklyn, Yankee as if they’re some type of other. Please don’t claim to speak for us, younger generation. The same way you could call Boogsie, “Boogsie” is the same respect that we ALL should give Kendall Williams, Marc Brooks, and Odie Franklin. Period. 

Markus G

I don't know anyone who doesn't have the highest regard for the arranging talents of Marc, Odie and Kendall. Your defense of them is not needed here. Nothing would  thrill me more than if they were to some how win Panorama 2018. 

I speak to these fine gentlemen on social media directly with words of support whenever I want to. I played with Odie's father and brothers. And I played with Kendall's dad and mom. And i watched Marc grow from little boy in Sesame, Sonatas to the great  talent he is now. But that is besides the point. If you reread the post between Cecil and I you will see that it is an inside joke about how well the crew from Brooklyn did at the ICP. It was actually a complement to the crew and how they suprised everyone by passing Boogsie.

As far as others, that has nothing to do with me. If Leon wins it wlll be the South man wins. If the Toby wins it be the Tobagoians won, And if Skiffle wins it will be the South band won - lead by the Yankees, New Yorkers with Trinidad parents - whatever. It does not take away from their accomplishments.

Look, Glenroy is from South - he is a Patriot fan - who I hate - and he backs All Stars to the tee. Is he an other?

Marcus you seeing ghost where there are none. Moreover, I have a vested interest success of these young men. 


Yes I concur! Very disrespectful! This is the same ignorance and disrespect displayed when Andy Narel takes part in the competition. So disrespectful!

Now Sabrina you just went and opened up a can of worms. I love Andy's music outside of Panorama. In the Panorama setting his music doesn't work for me. But he has every right to enter the competition. There are some on this forum like Claude who love his Panorama music. Not me.

Give me the 3Amigos, they ready and capable.


bugs: I am not in the loop like you. Especially after you just dished out your whole steelband involvement history to support your case. Wow!!! Am I impressed!!! But in your last sentence above you made reference to "the 3Amigos" -- is that like a private name for the THREE YANKEE/EXPATS?

And I thought Sabrina was BIG and TOUGH and next thing I know she run and bring Markus G to double team yuh -- like yuh is the LeBron James of this forum, boy. Next thing I know THE SPLASH BROTHERS (I hope that is not an offensive term) will be coming on WST to shut you down.

What's going on bugs?

Claude I am under concussion protocol. Clearly a case of unnecessary roughness by Margus G.  Imagine what would have happened to me if I wasn't a fan and supporter of these young men. The days and art of using "sarcasm" as a teaching tool is over.  Luckily for me, the talent and history of this group of young NY arrangers cannot be denied by anyone. 

Now Claude, I suspect you sent Sabrina on me as a means of distracting me from the continued investigation of Rolly Polly. What a Trump move. Here you are trying to act as my friend. Don't try dat! Look she brings up Andy Narell. And you bring up the Splash Brother - just to remind me how y'all stole KD. David Sterns would never have allowed that illegal signing.

Anyway, I'm going to get back up from Russell and Merrytones. I don't understand how Cecil isn't getting blows since started all of this.

And another thing live my boy Lebron out of this. He will be visiting you again in June.

Boy, this Sabrina is a tuff cookie - and I'm on her side.  But it is good see my boys have people who will fight for dem - even when it's not needed. 




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