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The Greens saw a lot of contention in the weeks leading up to Pan semis.

There have been a number of complaints over the years from various groups and, although Pan Trinbago tried to address these issues with improvements to the Greens, several party brands bowed out of pan semis. This led to speculation about how much of a turn out the Greens would have received.

Loop spent some time on the Greens with patrons who shared whether they thought the pan-on-the-greens vibe was still there or a dying trend.

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Total CRAP

Trying to piggy-back off Panorama was a BAD idea, especially if it's the same people that put on Panorama. It did not take long to fall apart, lesson learnt, it's not wise for the same people to have separate events at the same venue.

The word is the Greens is dead man walking. Maybe Dias can bring back the pool to save it. LMAO


Pure disrespect to the players who spend hours, nights and days playing their hearts out in practice to perform and then have to contend with the awful distraction of the Greens. And Pan Trinibago supposed to be promoting PAN? Was always a stupid idea.


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