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Bahamas, W.I.
- In 1957, Dudley Smith, who had made a name for himself in Trinidad as a Band Leader and Tenor Pan soloist, was brought to the Bahamas by Mrs. Toothe, the widowed owner of the up-scale “Buena Vista Hotel and Restaurant,” located at Delancy Street. The band of eight performers went under the name “Katzenjammers.”
-- Cecil Dorsett

This is a brief account of how Pan came to the Bahamas, and the starting of the first all-Bahamian all-Steel Drum band.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Dudley in 1958 in Nassau. Dixieland was working on a cruise ship, the Irpinia, which having traversed several ports in the Caribbean, stopped there. When we got off the ship to explore the town, Curtis Pierre, who had been to the Bahamas a few years before, took us to meet Dudley at his Club.  After a few beverages and old talk, he took us on a walkabout tour in the area and introduced us to several of his lady admirers, more than one of whom as I remember bore evidence of his stature and popularity in the community.

Mr. Dupres: You can do the PAN WORLD a BIG FAVOUR by coming on THIS FORUM and telling THE WORLD about your contribution and experiences promoting STEELBAND MUSIC GLOBALLY.

I have read and heard bits and pieces here and there about your contributions -- but I would love to hear THE LONG STORY all in ONE POSTING (two or three -- if necessary) on THIS FORUM!!!


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