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The Illustrated Story of Pan is based on my 25 years of research into its oral, documentary and pictorial history. Culled from thousands of photos, and hundreds of pioneers’ stories, all never before published, of musicians, scientists, street fighters, politicians, schoolteachers and their students, impresarios and many others, but mostly of ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things.  Now brought to the present day in a new, exciting, reader-friendly design. 

We have been working on the re-write for months, designing a new layout of these rare photos of early pan pioneers, including new photos, updating the narrative that ties the stories to together. This collector's item will be printed in a high-quality, coffee-table format: hardcover, 10x10', 300 glossy pages of photos and text.

Get it here and now because like the first edition, you won't find it on Amazon nor in Barnes & Noble, and 1,500 copies won't remain long on the shelf.


Support the second edition of the Illustrated Story of Pan


Well worth it, and then some...

Thank you.

You might be interested in what I said on pan in my TedX talk: https://youtu.be/rpQvfoILsDI

PAN -- the beating heart of music | Kim Johnson | TEDxPortofSpain

Selected my Perk...

Two Autographed Books + 2 Tote Bags + 1 set of postcards – US $100

Great. Thanks.

Absolutely brilliant book ! Managed to get 2 copies when it first came out ! I feel in love with pan at the age of 10 in 1966 in England,& have been collecting records ,cds ,books ,& anything connected to it & Trinidad. I've been lucky enough to go to quite a few carnivals over the years, & have lived there for 3 years during my life! I made a point of seeing the greatest bands on earth & talking to some of the great innovators of this wonderous music. I have all the other books by Kim Johnson as well, but this illustrated one is by far the missing link in the story of pan . I will definitely be adding this 2nd edition to my collection ! & any future books that contain these truly moving & historical photos of music that touched my heart & soul & enriched my life in a way only true pan lovers will understand how. Good luck with this project ,& may more masterpieces follow !

Best regards,

Adrian Coulling


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