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The International Pan Ramajay: Adjudication Panel SELECTED!!!

Liam Teague - Innovative Percussion

Eugene Novotney | Music

Victor Provost – GMU Music

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Is Boogsie and Powell still alive?

There is a reason why one would never ask professor "So and So" to judge American Idol.


Come on nah, bugs!!! Tell us the REASON!!! Or REASONS?

What does bugs have against music professionals? As Claude requested what are the reasons for his comment. Does any of the selected musicians lack the competencies to judge an steelpan competition. We have world leaders who use their power to influence people to support their selfish objectives without providing any proper scientific analysis. We in the Pan community should not follow that path. Let the organizers do their work . We should be focused on the potential value of this initiative. Let us lead Pan people. Stay safe.   


Having grown up with Ron Reid, I can tell you he's one gifted, creative, skilled and learned musician, artists and respected teacher.  Liam Teague I have learnt more about since his arrival as a Steelband Arranger in T&T for Panorama.  The others I am less familiar with.  The Pan Ramajay "competition" has not even begun as yet, and the drama is unfolding.  We will never be able to please everyone when it comes to the pan movement...  Thank the Lord Almighty, we know how to party at the end of the day, ay-ay...

Andre: Since you know RON REID (personally) -- is that the right picture? In my case I knew nothing about him so I just had to go find a picture under that name!!!

Anyway, I have been put in a BOX with my opinions on THIS SHOW since I am FULLY SUPPORTING IT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. At the same time, as you say: THE DRAMA IS UNFOLDING.

And ah hope that I have the discipline to STAY WITH MY 100 PERCENT SUPPORT of THE PRODUCT and don't let my MY HYDE take over my DOCTOR JEKYLL.


Ah hope bugs doh come and encourage me in SLACKNESS!!!

Ron "the Bassman from Belmont" and I are alumni of the same alma mater, Trinity College in Moka.  We ran the cubs and scouts at Trinity Cathedral in PoS when his dad, Father Reid from Belmont was stationed there, before he was re-posted toSt Agnes Church in St. James where many of my TC Gang lived (Ron, Gregory Cox, Brian Sealey, Roy Cuffie).  He was so creative with his music.  I remember well one time when he was practicing on the pipe organs at Trinity Cathedral, as the principal organist left (Miss Pollard from Belmont, my mother's godmother), a wicked smile came over his face as he said, Roge, I'm thinking of trying something by "quoting" a piece of a popular calypso into a hymn.  I said, Ron, let me know in advance, because I don't want to be around when Father Reid hears that, because you will be dead by the time he's done with you.  He said, it'll almost sound silent, they will barely hear it.  I said, yeah right, but they will likely hear, especially Father Sewell.  He said, you're right, I'll quote it when I ring the Church Bells.  I responded, ah gorn, yuh is too much chubble for me...  There are a few panist I would love to see compete.  Do you know if this will be a virtual-type gathering and where the competition rules are posted?  Cheers... 

Thanks Bro... 


I don't think you would want gynecologist or a podiatrist checking your eyes even if they were the best medical professors in their fields in the world.  

So the question is - what is Pan Ramajay?

If this was a guitar ramajay would you not try to find out if Prince, Hendrix, B.B King, Page, Montgomery, Santana, or Fitzroy Coleman was available to be a judge before guitar professor "so and so".

Again I ask, where is Boogsie?


As someone says Boogsie is gifted and a gift to T&T and the world of steelpan.  I don't know many who would doubt his abilities.  But from all the years I was living in St. James and hanging around Pan Yards there, Woodbrook and in PoS, I would occasionally ask Pan People, has Boogsie ever judged a steelpan competition.  Most went on to say, that they were not aware or did not recall if it had happened, but our mutual friend, Barry Howard (long-time drummer for PhaseII) once told me, in response to that question, Roge, that is not Boogsie kinda ting.  So that begs the question, does he just want an invite to be a judge or does he want to actually judge or is he maybe more interested in competing?

Liam Teague - Musical Volcano

Pan Ramajay Live 93


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