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The Journey has Begun - Kendall Williams: Master of Music - Steelpan: Instrument of Choice

Panist, composer and arranger Kendall Williams presents his NYU (New York University) recital - Music Theory & Composition

New York, USA - Quiet, unassuming and intense – you won’t even know he’s in the room. But don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanor. Kendall Williams is immensely talented, witty, humorous but focused. Moreover, he has a voice and has charted an unexplored music path for the steelpan music family of instruments. Those who know him of course, already knew this. And after last weekend’s past recital for his degree of Master of Music, many, many more will now know it too.
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Thank You I'm just doing my best and hoping for the best one day at a time. I appreciate the support!

Good going Kendall.



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