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The Judges that Judged the Medium Bands, did they also Judged the Large Bands?

The Judges that Judged the Medium Bands, did they also Judged the Large Bands? I hoped not, it's too long for all the Large Bands to be Judged properly. These Judges Brain will be Mind-boggling. Maybe that's what happened? I don't know. .

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Keep up the Good work Marcus.

Gerald, tell them! He is absolutely correct with his info. People will not be happy with any result that they do not favor. I am developing software to eliminate the judges that we see on the night of each show. My software will be Programed to determine how each band sounded and will deliver its findings by numbering from one (1) which will be the lowest score to (1000) ONE THOUSAND which will be the highest score. It will be hooked up to its own sound system with suspended microphones located inside the area where the patrons listen to the performance.....it will be hearing what you are hearing.  IT WILL NOT CONSIDER....Applause, Boos, Whistles or Comments of any kind. After all my Genius work to complete this project, I hope everyone will be pleased with the results. the Name of the software will be HEARTLESS.


It is unfair to assume bias on the part of the judges.  They are qualified experts and judge each band on its merits.  I understand that the scoresheets are collected after each performance so that each band is judged individually.  A few years ago Silver Stars won two years in a row and Exodus did the same  so it is not entirely accurate to say "same two bands every year".  I accept and respect the judges' decision, even if my Band did not win! ....and I do not think that there is any boredom factor or that foreign judges should replace local ones.  No-one else knows as much about pan as our judges, some of whom are BTW based abroad.  


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