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The Late George Goddard - Pan Leader & former Steelbands Association President - UpClose!

Global - He was the blueprint for successful steelband leadership. George Goddard, one of the early leaders of the Steelbands Association, was awarded the Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Gold posthumously for his contribution to the development of the steelband.

In an exclusive 1982 interview with producer, journalist, author and noted on-air broadcaster Von Martin -  Pan leader and former Steelbands Association president George Goddard spoke on his involvement, memories and expectations in the steelband movement of Trinidad and Tobago.
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Sorely Missed!!! What would he think, say and do with where pan has "reached" in 2018, eh???

In George Goddard's time there were enough intelligent people and people of good will in Pan to elect someone with the character and brilliance of a George Goddard. Today gangstas and dummies rule. 



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