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When Steel Talks extends condolences to the friends and family of Ellie Mannette.

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“It is with a heavy heart, we announce the passing of Dr. Elliot “Ellie” Mannette at 10:50 a.m. He was surrounded by people that loved him up until the very end. We would like to thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers for Ellie. He was truly touched to see how much he is loved around the world. Ellie dedicated his entire life for the development of the steel pan. His biggest goal was to create and leave a legacy for his students to follow and continue his work. Thankfully, this legacy is in good hands and will be continued in his honor. Ellie’s tireless work over the past 75 years has touched the lives of so many people around the world. His family at Mannette Instruments will cherish his memory and continue his hard work.”

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Ellie Mannette - 'I Did It My Way'

So sorry to hear this.... my condolences to the family. May he rest in Peace.

Songs Of The Orisha Palais - Medley of Ritual Pleasure Songs

I only met him once, and was in awe of who he was and of the stories he told! Sad to read, but now he can join with that great steelband on high, with Charles, Roberts , Samaroo and all the others!
Thank you Mr. Elliot Mannette for giving us your full life in the creating of some the steel pan instruments. You have shown the example of what it means to find one's niche in life and stick with it. I don't know for sure but I have the feeling that God loves pan for it does not ever rain when steel bands are out. This came through again in the heights of rainy season on Ariapita Avenue last Saturday 25th August, 2018. I will say for sure that God will endow you with countless blessings for the service to humanity for pan music, peace, prosperity and everything else the steel pan instrument offers. May God shower his mercies upon you. A job well done. You are not ended and pan is not ended. You will continue it some where else. Life is eternal. Only the body ends.

RIP Ellie.

Sad times.... may his soul fly to the highest heights and move quickly to the next life....

The end of an era...RIP sir Ellie...

We lost one of the great men of our time. Ellie wanted us to carry on what he and the other pioneers of the artform started. He's given so many of us so much, without asking for much more than for us to do our best, and to make the instrument better. Not change for the sake of change, but change to make the steel drum a true world class, respected in all music circles musical instrument. I hope we can all work together to carry Ellie's legacy forward, to build on the foundation laid by Ellie, Bertie, Tony and all the others. I'm sorry that I didn't get to see Ellie more, and that I let other things get in the way of working on the next generation of instruments, but Ellie left us knowing that we are making improvements and will continue to build on his legacy.

May eternal rest in heaven be yours Cap'n. Condolences to the family.


A true Icon and revolutionary. Mr Ellie Manette was a lifelong dedicated visionary soldier for the evolution and development of the Steel Instrument. There aren't many living Pioneers of the Instrument left. His life and legacy should be celebrated and as the baton passes to the next generation, jealously embraced to continue promoting this, the only acoustical musical invention of the 20th century. Condolences to all Pan lovers around the world, family and friends.. Let's remember another great son of the soil.... Ase.

Ellie Mannette blazed the trail with hard work,honed skills,critical thinking,foresight and determination.

All those who follow,must protect the Legacy.

Thank you,Grand Master Ellie.

Your body has passed,but you can never die.


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