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The Love Doctor of Pan & Pan Elders set to Make Panorama History

Pan Elders Ssteel Orchestra - Semi Finals 2016
Pan Elders Steel Orchestra with Duvone Stewart performing at Panorama Semi-Finals 2016

by When Steel Talks

Right-on, Right-on, Right-on. Yea! It’s the ‘Love Doctor’ of Pan doing his thing. No doubt. It’s a love thang...

Watching arranger Duvone Stewart conduct his champion orchestra Pan Elders leaves nothing to the imagination. Outstanding music, deft musicianship and a stellar presentation on a world stage. A family affair if you will, that embraces and locks in step the arranger, players and audience - loving what your seeing, hearing and feeling.

Indeed as Duvone glides across the stage with baton in hand, conducting the audience more so than the orchestra through his visual embrace of the music and performance, you are drawn into his narrative and the musical theme of the “fete.” Yes,  Fete.

Duvone is obviously very conscious that Panorama is a real-time reality musical enclosed in a party environment where the audience is both an interactive participant and viewer. You’ve got eight minutes to bring joy to the audience, judges and the camera - in addition to making them fall madly in love with you - ‘live’ in house, or whether they are watching on a iPhone or just listening on the radio.  Pan Elders is wildly successful.

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2016/news/love-doctor-1-29-2016.htm#...

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Pan Elders / "Me Eh Fighting" / Panorama Semifinal 2016

Curtis Betaudier

I believe that Pan Elders are well on the way to a 3peat, after their performance in the semis and 2weeks to get better it looks like the fat lady has already sung. This have me trying to figure out why Duvonne seem to always more out of Pan Elders than Renegades?


Duvone is still fighting with the ghost of Jit Samaroo in Renegades. In Pan Elders he has complete freedom. No one is looking over his back.



Although I know Duvone can do it and I certainly hope he does, it's quite rare to win playing in position #1 - he starts the Panorama. The judges will, more than likely, be traditionally overly conservative in their allocation of marks. In addition, he has to deal with, in my view, the challenge of Seion Gomez's Buccooneers.

You are right Cecil Pan Elders are headed for the triple crown and they may have to make a critical decision like Supernova and elevate to the Large Band because they have nothing else to prove in the Medium Band Category. Now this is where the problem start for Devon Stewart their top arranger. He loves the comrade in this band but he came from Renegades and you know he cannot arrange for two large bands. The reason Pan Elders is so successful is because they come from Carib Street which at one time had good bands like Antillian All Stars(when they were large),Hillside Symphony( Liam Tigue used to play with them) , Skiffle Bunch( now Skiffle), Silverstones , Free French and Fonclaire which is only walking distance on Fonrose St. So the off spring of all these bands comprise Pan Elders and you have to stand in line to play with this super talented band.

AL Nunez, It's interesting that you feel that playing first could work against Pan Elders, another member is saying All Stars could benefit from playing last. What I know is that when Pan Elders finish their performance in the final they will be setting the BAR by which the other bands will be judged, as for All Stars I don't think playing last will help them, they feed off the crowd and at that time most of the spectators are usually not there.

I disagree. Sure without a doubt a musical bar will be raised by Pan Elders BUT playing in position 1 has traditionally worked against the contestant and for the reasons I said earlier. Perhaps Ian can clarify this stat: Although I could be wrong, Renegades, Despers and All Stars are bands that pulled position 1 and won.....rare is the occasion! 

All Stars (as Renegaades did in 2014) pulled the "dream" position - ask any arranger. About people leaving the savannah before All Stars play, you are dead wrong - ask any All Stars supporter. As a matter of fact many of them left right after their band performed in 8th position (admittedly late) in 2014....... walking out on Phase II and Renegades.

A.L. Nunes, yuh really feel the number Pan Elders pull will matter? I don't, the same thing for AllStars, I think we'll just have to wait and see. 


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