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personally, after the 1969 Panorama, I have NEVER heard a good panorama tune played since, after Panam North Stars, Guinness Cavaliers, Witco Desperadoes, Solo Harmonites, and Angostura Starlift, to this day, panorama music has rapidly deteriorated, to Density and or Noise, don't forget me wrong or misunderstand me fellars, I'm speaking about MUSIC guy's, MUSIC not jumping up and dancing, but the MUSICAL STRUCTURE OF IT ALL, intro, verse and chorus, changing keys, counter melody's etc etc etc...

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That's why I had said before that they should have a separate prize for presentation/best costume band and judge the music separately 

Bede Lopez I am sure if they have a separate prize for presentation/best costume band and judge the music separately we will still have people complaining about the results. 

So you are saying from 1970 and onwards Bradley, Ray, Andy, Robbie and Pelham to name just a few arrangers were not putting down good music to please you personally. All you are hearing is density and or noise for jumping up and dancing.

After Pan Am we had a period of nice road music, especially bomb tunes, I don't like panorama music today, everybody want to play the long run, earlier panorama music was more appealing to me.   

I might be in some agreement with you if you had not picked the date 1969 , eliminating some of the best pan tunes ever written, especially by the Grand Master , and those memories performances in the seventies, eighties and nineties by bands like Desperadoes, Renegades, Trinidad All Stars, and Phase II.

Glenroy R Joseph, Would it be safe to say that ever since Steelbands started playing "Pan Songs/ Pan Tunes the quality of Pan Music has  deteriorated. The songs themselves has no substance, we used to have some nice Calypsoes with Dimished chords these Pan songs have 2 or 3 Chords, Jump and wave songs,  1 year from now people cant remember how to hum the melody (no substance), so it might be the Quality of Music the bands have to work with might be the caused.

I will say we had good Pan Music up till the 90's. 

We also have to make the distinction between a Pan Song and a Steelband Song, here's Spranglang definition...

I agree Bede.

But we must also remember that the question about quality local tunes for the steelband dates back to the the nineteen fifties.

Remember The Happy Wanderer ? ( Valderie Valderah)) ? 

That tune created quite a stir in 1955 when it won the Road March.

Even in 1956 when Jean and Dinah won the Road March , most of the popular tunes on the road were not calypso tunes , as can be proven by listening to the live steelband parade from that year that is available on this site.

As a matter of fact , restrictions were placed on tunes that could compete for the road march , limiting them to local tunes.

This was done to protect local artists from foreign competition.

There restrictions may even have affected calypsos by non Trinidadians at one time , unless I'm mistaken.

We must admit that in some years , the repertoire of tunes available for steelbands to play , back when they determined the road march would have been improved if these rules were not in place.

And , like I said before , since steelbands no longer determine the road march , the better (younger) artists and composers create music for the DJs , not for the steelbands.

Just a thought , but maybe the quality of panorama tunes would be improved if those restrictions on tune choices in place today were lifted , allowing steelbands to play whatever the wanted , including popular non- calypso , contemporary music.

(And BTW these are choices we must make when we start using words like "marketing", "free market" and music "market share").

The instruments are SO MUCH BETTER; the musical knowledge so much greater; the reference library is so much larger. Yuh going down that road by yourself. But the PAN and NOISE discussion continues to be a matter of opinion.

Like every type of music today, we can all say things have deteriorated form music of the 80’s but that is our opinion. Music today is driven by popularity and as with panorama it is driven by what the judges want to hear. Ray Holman and Andy Narell put out some really exceptional music over the last three years that would rival anything of the 80’s however, that was not what the masses wanted and they both fell by the wayside with true classics. At the moment nothing will change until they change the structure of Pan Trinbago and the judging criteria. I listen to music every day and I find myself looking back at the quality of the music in the 80’s when a full orchestra was mostly used for the classics we all love today but now we are all on a laptop with a few backing tracks to lay down what is now music of the 21st century.

What the masses want is not necessarily what is good, at least in T&T. I thoroughly enjoyed Ray's and Andy's music which is good for one's listening pleasure. In most of the music, there is misplaced structure.

Or a matter of 'hearing.' As we get older the highest and lowest notes are dimmed and slowly, but surely banished from our ears and we are left with less nuance="noise".But quite apart from that possibility, the need to produce performances which can be measured,   dissected and analyzed , quantified and qualified , and the strong wish to please the judges, is detrimental to real music.


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