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In July 2012 two members of the Executive of Pan Trinbago, Beverly Ramsey-Moore, Assistant Secretary and Keith Simpson, Trustee, resigned from their elected positions. The reasons surrounding their decision to resign were made public and as reported in the Daily Newspapers, cited issues of Transparency and Integrity. The President of Pan Trinbago warned that people must be careful otherwise litigation would follow. He then promised to reveal all at a meeting carded for Sunday July 14th 2012 at the Scherzando Pan Theatre, Curepe. The two issues highlighted were [1] the Africa T and T Steelpan Development Co. Ltd., which ended in utter confusion and from all appearances has come crashing down. This initiative was done without the authorization of the Executive of Pan Trinbago [2] the payment of over $420M for the fencing of the Greens for Panorama 2012. Again this was a decision made without the knowledge of the Executive of Pan Trinbago. Also at the meeting of July 14th 2012, the Vice President of Pan Trinbago when questioned on this payment stated that it represented “architectural fees”. The NCC whose responsibility it is for the Savannah had previously published in the daily newspapers the physical layout and infrastructure related to the Greens.

With the impending AGM [Annual General Meeting] and Triennial Convention [Election of Central Executive Officers], constitutionally due in October 2012, a decision was made by a few individuals to challenge the Executive of Pan Trinbago for the said elections, under the banner of the New Visionaries Pan Foundation. Pan Trinbago via its Secretary then attempted to block four members from participating in the elections. The matter went to the High Court where Pan Trinbago did not challenge the matter from Keith Simpson. The Learned Judge ruled that Denise Hernandez and Keith Simpson had won their respective matters and were therefore eligible to participate in the elections. Pan Trinbago however appealed the decision and the matter is to be finalized in the Court of Appeal on November 25th 2013.

Pan Trinbago’s claim against Denise Hernandez was the fact that her band Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra was not financial at the time nominations closed. During the evidence given at the High Court hearing it was highlighted that Pan Trinbago as an organization does not pay monies due to its member bands on time. Usually the payments for assistance/appearance fees are paid months after. We note, and as agreed upon by Pan Trinbago on the stand that the nomination papers for one of its present Executive Members was submitted after the deadline date.

In publicly tendering their resignations, citing their reasons for their actions, from the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago, Beverly Ramsey-Moore and Keith Simpson has made history. Other Executive members have remained notwithstanding the inefficiencies of the organization.

As a group, we held meetings in the various zones of Pan Trinbago. Our legal representative, Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj was present to fully explain the intricacies of the court matter at the meeting held at the Silver Stars pan yard, where the entire pan movement was invited to attend. Those attending got a better understanding of the case. We undertook this legal matter since we believe that there can be vast improvements in the running of the organization, which would garner the deserving respect of our pan men and women. In addition it would appear that Corporate Trinidad and Tobago, is no longer willing to provide sponsorship of some of our premier and memorable pan events e.g. Pan Down Memory Lane, Pan in the 21st Century, Pan Parang.

The New Visionaries Pan Foundation remains committed to the pan men and women of Trinidad and Tobago and the world at large. The President of Pan Trinbago stated in an interview published in the Express Newspaper on November 1st 2009, that “pan will make more money than oil”. Presently it would appear that the wheels of Pan Trinbago need to be greased as the Pan Factory has not been producing pans to generate any substantial revenue. Recently NP donated their drum making equipment to Pan Trinbago to assist in generating revenue via the production of the National Instrument; however this project has not yet taken off. The promise to join the TTMA [Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association] does not appear to have materialized: neither has the Pan Lottery, which was promised at the last AGM to start in January 2013.
Promises! Promises! Promises! And more Promises!

Pan Trinbago needs a breath of fresh air – this can only be provided by people who are whole-heartedly committed towards the development of the organization, the pan men and women, thereby creating an organization that will be respected not only nationally, regionally but also internationally.

The New Visionaries Pan Foundation will need the support of not only the member bands of the organization but also the individual pan men and pan women of Trinidad and Tobago to assist in moving the organization to higher heights.

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I am surprise of no comments as yest on this article. I always maintain the majority of WST members are a bunch of SHOO SHOO PEOPLE'S.....


Some of us feel abandoned by the New Visionaries, we supported them  and they just went DEAD on us. It could have been so much better if they had maintained some sort of visibility on WST.   

Gavin & Cecil,

Change does not come over night, the New Visionaries post clearly identifies what they are about and their mission, they also posted the link to the youtube video of their meeting with Ramesh Maharaj their legal representative, it’s about 48 mins long. I listened to his presentation and the questions asked by the members, there are legal hurdles to overcome but it seems to me change is in the air, like everything else it’s a process that must be followed on the legal front.

If anyone is interested or willing to inform themselves of the issues they can take a look at the video and decided if this is a cause they want to join and support.

I would suggest to New Visionaries Pan Foundation if they want their supporters to make a contribution to their legal fund…give them a link to send donations.

We have about over 10,000 members on this site, given the laws of statistical probability if 5,000 members respond with a $10.00US donation via paypal or western union, it will certainly help make a difference.

ODW, If the New Visionaries wanted the support of members of WST they would keep this thing ALIVE. Somebody not too long ago had ask what happened to the lady that was supposed to take DIAZ place, everything came up hot and sweaty and it disappear, They were supposed to keep HOPE alive. 


I did watch the video of the meeting with Ramesh, most of us knew their pocket was not as deep as Diaz,  they lost ah whole year and all the work they did before simply because they fail to keep the fire going, on more than one occasion I ask them to stay in touch but they did not.

The members who comprise the New Visionaries Pan Foundation are people of Character, integrity and all possess good leadership skills. We as a group who have stood up to defend interpretations of the present constitution for and on behalf of the average Pan Player /Member band had no alternative but to have legal minds represent our interests and by extention that of the Pan fraternity. As a result of our bold move, we had to pay a price,  both financially and because the majority of the membership are afraid of victimisation by the present executive, they do not show their support openly. Everybody wants to be in a comfort zone, and not appear to be considered a "Trouble Maker"Yes, unlike the Executive of Pan Trinbago who is spending our monies Left , right and centre, we as a group must raise all the funds for legal costs on our own, and we try.

No Garvin we did not "go DEAD" on our defence of matters which the Pan Body need to know about. Actually, we have been holding regular meetings, putting strategies in place so that when we presented ourselves to the Public as a body, our plans would havve some sort of depth. In the past many of us made comments on WST, but not knowing the connections between What was said and who said it, everything stated was simply overlooked.

There is so much information that we are willing to address and educate members of the operations of this Executive. we are willing to also answer intelligently and discuss on any Forum. It would be so interesting if representatives of member bands are willing to come out to meetings.

The Appeal which was carded to be heard on Monday 25th November 2013, was put off for a date to be fixed. Pan People, you have the time to try and understand the Financial report presented to you in October 2012. At the last AGM no Financial report was presented, with a filmsy excuse that the Tobago region and the Eastern Region did not submit their reports. Large corporate bodies present to the public at the end of their financial year "UNAUDITED REPORTS", The ERxecutive of Pan Trinbago have not even presented an Income and Expenditure report of the overall spending of the Organisation.

 They will call a meeting and present to the members present An Audited financial report, which most members cannot easily interpret and have some clown ask that the Financial Report be moved and accepted.

Our constitution states quite clearly that the secretary must issue all reports etc. etc. at least 28 days to the members for their perusal. But Mr. Forteau and the rest of the Excutive have no RESPECT for the Pan Body.

Come on members Be Strong, Come out and ask questions about our Future and our Legacy. 


Most of the members on WST do not reside in T&T,  with this in mind it is up to you all to find ways to tap-in to the support you have from foreign.

We don't have to see reports of what the present administration has done with the funds that has passed through their hands, most of us feel that they have done all they could and it is time for others to take the steerband movement to the next level.

Cecil, you and I do not belong. We are "foreigners". Andy Narell is "one of them", and has more rights in our country than we do. That should be obvious. Speaking against Andy Narell is like speaking against Jesus Christ; they are BOTH "begotten Sons of God".

Ghost Who Knows He Is Fighting Against Goliath! (Just don't cry, when ah stone bus yuh eye!)

Well Phan"tum after reading the other day that Andy was busy with pan from  the age of12 ,,we have got to give jack his jacket for me,, Andy is like a Trinbagonian because he has embraced the instrument with his whole heart and  he is very good at it ,,,,the truth  ,,so I do support you all the way,,with respect from Jerome  to each and everyone.

Cecil your response is fully appreciated and accepted.

Trevor: I don't think you guys can get Diaz out in the near future!!!


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