New York, USA - From two blocks away we can hear tenors whistling, double seconds singing, guitar pans humming and basses grumbling. As we move in closer to this sonic epicenter, that unmistakable distinct sound of a great steel orchestra overtakes you. The clarity of the situation overwhelms your musical senses, as your legs and other body parts - without permission - systematically begin to fall into perfect cadence with the music. The players skillfully romance their instruments, producing notes sounding like sweet chocolate raindrops falling from the leaves of a tree. No doubt we are in the domain of Despers USA Steel Orchestra.
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  • Hello WST and the Shakespearean of the Brooklyn Pan World, Mr. Trevor John. I have some videoes of of the 90's Brooklyn Panorama. Please advise if you want to feature on your site.
  • Very good article. band with a geat pedigree. In your headline you should make it clear which Despers you referring to.
    • Hello Gerry,
      There is only one Despers USA. There is a spin off named D'Radoes.
      Ian old school Despers.
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