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Can someone tell us how it is sliced, what percentage goes to the players, the most important people in the event. It is evident that many feel that they are not adequately compensated. Do they make a profit from Panorama? Players today are more informed and look at others making money and want answers as to why they only get the crumbs that's left over.   

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"The problem is that PT needs 17 million to pay everybody and there is only 9 million left."

According to a very recent report by AQUIL ARRINDELL Pan Trinbago is EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS SHORT in PAYING BANDS and PAN PLAYERS. So if they did "make a profit" -- they STOLE MOST OF IT.

Right down to SCALPING TICKETS, you cannot think of any angle that the PT EXECUTIVE does not use to BITE UP THE PANORAMA PIE.

Cecil...I have said it before and I will say it again. Agree with me or not...It matters not...Players are only entitled to whatever the band they play for will give them...When I last check nobody played for the government, NCC nor Pan Trinbago... The government provide financial assistance to bands, money to pay truckers, plus Prize Money. Regardless of whatever profit PanTrinbago make it is still the band you perform with in Panorama that is responsible for your welfare when the competition dust settles.

merrytones, I hear what you're saying, but if you want players to be loyal to one band somewhere somebody gotta find a way for them to get a piece of the action.

What a SAD day for the pan players, our forefathers must be turning in their GRAVES; they started a revolution for equal justice in the drumming traditions that SCARED the shit out of their Colonial masters.

Today pan players still in servitude, begging for a hand-out, while all the REPRESENTATION they are supposed to receive from their elected officials are caught up bureaucratic mumbo jumbo; they continue to be treated unfairly; unable to receive EQUAL compensation for an HONEST day’s WORK.

Burning Spear - Slavery Days

Sparrow - I'm a Slave

Cecil you seem to think that if players are VERY WELL PAID that they will stay in one band. These band hoppers/drifters do not belong to any band so there is no loyalty to any band. They will go by any band hiring players,to see how many jobs they can get. There are bands who do an exchange program, where some members from band X will play with band Y and vice versa and in some cases there is no fee,just an exchange.

Well merrytonestothebone really short change me. The man come complaining about INDIVIDUALS playing for different bands in the same LARGE BAND CATEGORY. But when I asked him for some SUPPORT INFORMATION to prove his point, the man tell me that he have NO MORE TO SAY. And, in fact, he never revealed THE MAGNITUDE of the scandal because we were just told that ENTIRE GROUPS of PLAYERS will play for TWO DIFFERENT BANDS in what was termed an "EXCHANGE PROGRAM!!!"

This level of CORRUPTION IN A COMPETITION(?) is beyond THE ENGLISH PALE and should be investigated IMMEDIATELY.

GYPSY!!! LUCAS!!! DOLLY!!! HELON!!! -- Allyuh got to CHANGE THIS CHANGE!!!

Notice I did not call THE CIP!!!

Oh gorm Claude...Doh vex wid meh nah?...As we boy Aquil love to say..."Is only love in de house"...Well wid me and you at least...Yuh know to yuhself that between you Bugs and Cecil, you is meh bestest pardner here. But all de good we good yuh behaving like if yuh doh believe one word I say. Coming now to ask for proof. Wha proof yuh want you self? My band too small to be plagued by pan man crews, rythm section crews and whole band swapping plus dem real big name crackshots not coming down by we because we eh have dat kinda money to give away. So take Clarkie, Kelvin Gill and Michael Best word over mine if yuh want...I done talk...So doh vex eh...."Is only love in de house"...

Truly UNBELIEVABLE STORY now that you have added more avenues to the ROAD MAP OF CORRUPTION.

Imagine if BUGS was a REAL MOVIE PRODUCER and he went UNDERCOVER and did a DOCUMENTARY on this WHOLE PANORAMA SCAM!!! Automatic nomination for an OSCAR.

But allyuh really BREAKING CECIL HEART with all these REVELATIONS!!!

When a stalwart from a large band at the crossroads between east and west, in other words, the most westerly east band, could be actively recruiting payers for the large band furthest west, and when Panorama judges get to Morvant Junction, the panyard at the Barataria Interchange is locked up tight and in darkness, loyalty is only a farce, only whores!

Russell that is as bad as the Trinidad arranger for the Medium Band in tong who got hired by he pardner, a Large  Band arranger in Trinidad to drill his Medium Band in Tobago. It bad enough that he take both jobs, but what "more worse" is that both bands allowed him to...

"Only love in de house "ah tell yuh...

In general this year saw several questionable moves that make me wonder if we'll see some new names when bands announce their plans for next year...

"the most westerly east band"

Ah like that description!!!

Recently somebody from Canada made a "south of the border" reference to America and it amused me to no end. Because the only country I thought was "south of the border" was MEXICO!!!


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