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the Panorama scoresheet has four categories,(1) ARRANGMENT  (2)GENERAL PERFORMANCE (3) TONE (4) RHYTHM. 

(1) Arrangement is further subdivided into the following and defined for ease of reference. one would imagine.

(a) Introduction:The ability of the arrangerto compose an appropriate prelude for the calypso chosen as the prepared piece; symmetrical or related to the tune.The length of which should be left to the ARRANGER'S discretion.

(b)Harmonization and Re-Harmonization:The ability The ability of the arranger to harmonize the chosen piece in its original form (harmonically),then, re-harmonization (different chord progression applied to the theme) could be applied to the remainder of the arrangement.

(c)Melodic Development:The ability of the arranger to embellish and utilize fragments of the melody in the arrangement.

(d) Motivic Development: the ablity of the arranger to take a melodic and/o rrhythmic motif(s) of the calypso and effectively use it/them during the arrangement.

This entire category has a score of 40%.

Suggestion;These four sub-categories should be individually scored out of 10 points each. In such a situation, Adjudicators must be more accountable for the marks in each of the sub-sections when avirring at their totals in this category instead of just allegedly assigning a score on the score sheet.

(GENERAL PERFORMANCE):Sub-divided into three categories.

(a) Interpretation:The ability

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dont forget the category.....FAVOURITE BAND......MOST NOISE

True, That is why the adjudicators must answer to someone.

Trevor  Thank you for allowing us to see what a score sheet looks like. I find it to be very complicated, judges have to posess excellent skills in multi-tasking or crapeau smoke them steelbands pipe.

I have a problem with INTERPRETATION...... How can you judge the composers intensions when the arranger is the composer. 

                                BALANCE........ Quality of instruments could could be misinterpreted for imbalance.

Very accurate observations, Cecil.Yes it is quite easy for adjudicators to take away points here or there. The adjudicators must be accountable to the steelband body..

Nobody in Trinidad and Tobago understands the Panorama score sheets. Not even the great Boogsie Sharpe.

Its total hogwash. Sorry to be so mean, but somebody got to tell it like it is.

Trevor, the dilema is that the adjidicators are not necessarlly competent to assess the sub-categories of :ARRANGEMENT" as you have presented it.  The best examples were provided by Clive Bradley's conducting the judges during Despers' performances on stage in front of them (the judges).  He was in effect telling them what parts of the tune to pay attention to, in a sense challenging them to understand the music (e.g., in "Picture on my Wall").

As I have often repeated before, I have real problems with the very concept of "judging" musical performance, pan or other, because how the hell can you assess imagination/creativity?  By  beaking down the definition of arranging into sub-categories?




Peter this is exactly how the score sheet is broken down.  i believe PAN Music at PANORAMA is the only competition who is judged by people who cannot understand an arrangement of a tune, lots of them have never understood what happens at a pan yard during the preparation for Panorama, Well they do not have a clue of the tunes played, the melody as well as the lyrical content, it appears that they are not familiar with the Tuners of our land, and most of them having never played pan at competition level and does not understand the level of difficulty in some panorama pieces.

While the judging of pan is subjective, but so is the judging of our carnival costumes, and i can tell you the judges for mas are extensively trained and if there is reason to believe that they are not in sync with the other judges then they are sent home. They even have exams to prove they have the knowledge and understanding of the task they have accepted to be involved in.

 It is time we pan people of T&T stop accepting mediocrity and push the powers that be, to provide a proper system of judging and just not accept people who does not fill the criteria, but feel they could adjudicate at panorama.

We must do better than this.

The judges should be select by pantrinbago not members of bands telling pantrinbago who should be judges it is about time we have international judges we do it for music festival  then you will see a change in the judgeing with all the hard work these arrangers do with there bands you tell me bands cannot make450 points and up large bands and med. bands school bands made more points than the large and the med bands .something wrong bands used to score 450 and that was 80 to late 90 you tell me the standard in the 21 centry has drop something wrong

I would love to hear what the judges have to say about the score sheets.


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