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Today, in this Holy Month of Ramadan. The Most Merciful Allah has called back his servant my mother (Iris Wilson). She was 102 years, having given a long innings. We are grateful. I consider my mother a steelpan activist as she was instrumental in having her yard used as a "panyard" for the original Flamingoes in the village. She was the Matriach of the famiy. (RIP Ummi)

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When Steel Talks extends our sincere condolences and to you and the entire Wilson family and friends.

Thank You


Heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

May your Mom Rest In Peace!

Rueben Smith.

Thanks Rueben

A Pioneering woman indeed. The SPIRITS are lifted. RIP

Flamingoes - Poets and Peasants

Thanks odw, much appreciated, been meaning to communicate with you, will do soon, Thanks again

That is defiantly a pan classic by the Gay Flamingoes. Thanks to IsDePanInMe for posting it. For the record, according to married2atrini TB, the arranger was Marshall Blackburn from Sande Grande. Quedose to Mr Blackburn for a great arrangement. Now who can give us a date for this recording?

How very sad. Many condolences! Cherish the beautiful memories. Rest in Power, Iris Wilson

Thanks, May Allah welcome her into his bosom

So sad to hear, SALAH!!! Accept my deepest CONDOLENCES!!!

COUSIN IRIS lived a VERY LONG LIFE ... I can still her face from EARLIER YEARS!!!

Thanks coz... all is well and because of the COVID-19 restrictions...everything is happening immediately tomorrow at around 1 pm. She has had a long innings scoring a century (lots of boundaries). We are gratefull to the Almighty for that ...may she Rest In Peace, my steelpan activist mother

my condolences goes out to you and the Flamingoes family 


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